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Baby in 100 feet deep borewell ... LIVE

Baby in 100 feet deep borewell ... LIVE  :6-year-old Shiva trapped in borewell for 6 hours, Army arrives for rescue, delivers oxygen and food from rope

A 6-year-old boy fell into a 100-foot-deep borewell while playing in front of his house in Agra on Monday morning. The child playing together informed the family about this. Police have already launched a rescue operation to rescue the child. Oxygen and food items are delivered inside the borewell by tying a rope. The army has reached for rescue. Apart from that, an NDRF team has also been called from Ghaziabad.

The incident took place in Nibohar's home village. Here Chhota Lal's son Shiva was playing outside the house at 6 am on Monday. In the meanwhile he fell into a borewell pit while playing. The child playing with her ran and informed her family. Soon the whole village was gathered together. SP Grameen Ashok Venkat also rushed to the spot. An attempt was made to rescue the child together with the team. The villagers have been evacuated away from the borewell.

Army Parabrigade in Agra launches rescue
District Collector Prabhu Narayan said he has sought help from NDRF. But it will take time for the team to come to Ghaziabad. So help is being sought with the Army Para Brigade in Agra. The team has reached the scene. There are two ambulances and two JCBs, doctors are also present at the scene. A magistrate has been sent there. Oxygen is being delivered to the baby.

Knowing the condition of the child by throwing the rope, the
family members have tried to talk to Shiva by throwing the rope into the pit. When Shiva pulled the rope, people hoped that he was alive. Efforts were then made to rescue him. The family is in a critical condition after the incident.

Health department
joins rescue The health department team sent oxygen and food supplies to the borewell. Police have started the rescue operation by removing the crowd from the spot. A team of experts has gathered to dig out a pit and get the child out of the way. No information has been provided by the officials so far. But their insider suggests that the rescue could take 2-3 days.

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Due to the negligence of the family members
, it is believed that the incident took place when Chhotelal's family removed the pipe from the borewell and dumped it in another borewell. But carelessly forgot to turn it off. Now he is sad that if the borewell had been closed, this accident would not have happened. MLA Jitendra Verma has also reached the spot.

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Deposit only 95 rupees in this Post Office scheme and get a large amount of 14 lakh, know the plan

Post Office Scheme Gram Sumangal Rural Postal Life Insurance policy benefits people who need money from time to time.  An investment of Rs 95 here earns Rs 14 lakh.

Invest in this Post Office scheme

An investment of Rs 95 gives a return of Rs 14 lakh

Learn what to plan and how to invest

The post office is giving you this opportunity if you also want to get a big amount with the help of small earnings.  In this scheme you can earn Rs 14 lakh by investing Rs 95 per day.  The post office offers a variety of schemes for customers with the help of which you can deposit large funds.  The name of this scheme is Gram Sumangal Rural Postal Life Insurance.  This policy is useful for people who need money from time to time.

Find out what the post office plan is
This is the endowment plan of the post office.  It includes money back as well as rupee at maturity.  The Grameen Postal Life Insurance Scheme was launched by the Government of India in 1995.  Gram Sumangal scheme also comes on its basis.  Based on this 5 other insurance schemes are also offered.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Gram Sumangal Rural Postal Life Insurance Scheme is for 15-20

years.  It gets money back 3 times before maturity.  The scheme offers a maximum amount of Rs 10 lakh.  If the person survives even after the maturity of the policy, he also gets the benefit of refund.  In case of death of a person, a bonus amount is also given along with the sum assured of the policy holes.

How to get the benefit

Any Indian citizen can avail the benefits of this scheme.

In addition, anyone up to the age of 45 can take this policy.

The policy can be taken for 15-20 years.

The maximum age for taking a policy for 20 years is fixed at 40 years.

It has a maximum sum assured of Rs 20 lakh.

This way you will get an amount of 14 lakh rupees
Suppose a person is 25 years old and buys a policy with 7 years Sum Assured.  Its annual premium will be Rs 32,735.  The 6 monthly premium will be Rs 16,715 and the 3 monthly premium will be Rs 8449.  That means about Rs 95 will have to be paid in daily premium.  This policy will be for 20 years.  In the 8th, 12th, 16th year you will get Rs 1.4 lakh 3 times in money back on 20-20% basis  The remaining amount will be received at maturity at the end of the policy.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહી ક્લિક કરો

Here's how to get a bonus
Speaking of bonuses, the scheme offers a bonus of Rs 48 per thousand per year.  The Sum Assured bonus of Rs 7 lakh is Rs 33,600 in a year.  The bonus for 20 years will be Rs 6.72 lakh.  You will also get the remaining Rs 2.8 lakh in 20 years.  If you add up the total rupee, you get a total of Rs 19 lakh.

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Corona alarm created by scientists, infections can now be identified in minutes


Scientists in Britain have created this device

The device, developed by British scientists, will detect any infection in a room within 15 minutes.

Corona has scared people all over the world. The symptoms of corona are also so common that even if a person sneezes or coughs, people now walk two feet away. In these circumstances it is difficult to tell whether a person is infected with corona or has a common cold-cough. Usually so far a rapid test is done to see if a person has a corona to get an immediate result. 

In addition, the RTPCR also checks whether the person is infected with corona. However, RTPCR results are available after 24 hours and the rapid test is not considered 100% reliable. Meanwhile, British scientists have developed an alarm system that can easily identify a person infected with the corona.

British scientists claim to have created a ceiling-mounted covid alarm. If there is a person infected with Corona in the room, it will be known in 15 minutes.

This device will now be used in various locations

According to a report in The Sunday Times, the technology, which identifies corona infections, is expected to be helpful in screening aircraft cabins, classrooms, care centers, homes and offices in the near future. This machine will be slightly larger in shape than a smoke alarm. Preliminary results from research conducted by scientists at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Durham have been promising.

This device is more effective than lab-antigen tests

The device is said to be 98-100 percent reliable in results, scientists said during testing. This device can more accurately report corona infections than PCR lab-based Covid-19 tests and antigen tests.

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The sensor, developed by the Cambridgeshire firm Robosyntific, identifies infections with chemicals produced by the skin. The result is given by this machine by examining the chemical present in the breath of a person infected with the corona virus. This sensor produces a very subtle smell of 'volatile organic compounds' to be sniffed by the human nose. A chapter from the Covid Alarm Research team suggests that dogs can also be identified. However this alarm can get better results.
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You too will have fun seeing this estimate of a thief stealing.

 You too will have fun seeing this estimate of a thief stealing.

Below is her video and there will be information about the work and also some fun and comedy. In this video below she has given the video.

   વાયરલ વિડીયો જોવો  

You too will have fun seeing this estimate of a thief stealing.

Hello friends, here is the news below that a thief has stolen from you and this video of him has gone very viral. Below is the video below.

Friends here in this news you have a bike in it two people who steal in a bike and in a car and a car rider from behind this video has given you this video and here you have information with this information and news and breaking news here You will find and all the information like work information and necessary news in the website.

You will find such information and news from the website and all the information like viral video, comedy video will be found here in the website and there will be only work information and you will get to know and learn and various information and knowledge information from the website here.

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Sabar Dairy Recruitment For Trainee posts 2021

Every day new information and various news and breaking news will be updated here in the website from time to time and daily.
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Ankleshwar family car returning from Foi's seat in Daman, car accident kills three, including two children, car overturns

Family nest shown:  Ankleshwar family car returning from Foi's seat in Daman, car accident kills three, including two children, car overturns

The car overturned after colliding with a moving truck near Gundlaw Chokdi

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Sabar Dairy Recruitment For Trainee posts 2021

Altaf Kanchwala, wife Rafat and children Arman and Mannat and sister Naslim Rafiq Marchan from Ankleshwar were returning home at night after attending a Daman mourning meeting with nephew Khushi and another friend's family. The car overturned when it collided with a moving truck near Gundlaw Chokdi. Two girls and a woman in the car died on the spot.

Altaf Kanchwala, who lives near Ankleshwar railway station, along with his wife and two children and sister and nephew went to Daman . GJ-16-CB-3513 Daman came to sit in Altaf's Phoebe seat. The family members who attended the sitting went to Daman. 

Where Ankleshwar was returning on Sunday night. Meanwhile, Gundlaw Chokdi did not have a truck moving in front of Altaf's car. GJ-15-YY-8889 Altaf lost control of the steering wheel of my car. The car was taken and placed on the divider in the middle of the road.

Concerned that Altaf's car had
crashed , he was struck by a street light pole mounted on a divider. There were 7 members in the car including Altaf, Taslimben, Khushi, Armaan. Another car coming from behind no. 

The family members who were following in GJ-05-CE-5645 were worried when they saw a traffic jam near Gundlaw crossroads and saw Altaf's car in an accident. Pedestrians on the highway reported the incident to 108 and rural police.

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Mannat and Khushi and Rafat Kanchwala died in a creepy manner.
A team of rural police immediately rushed to the spot and carried out an investigation. The injured were shifted to Valsad Civil Hospital and Kasturba Hospital. Two girls Mannat and Khushi and Rafat Kanchwala died in the accident. The rural police have taken note of the incident and are conducting further investigations.

There is other news too ...
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Kejriwal Press Conference LIVE

Kejriwal Press Conference LIVE :AAP's new slogan: Now Gujarat will change, Aam Aadmi Party will contest 182 seats in Assembly, people are our face: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal made Ishudan wear a scarf and thus joined the Aam Aadmi Party
I have to get into politics to get rid of the filth of the system: Ishudan
Gujarat farmers commit suicide, condition of government schools is bad, Gujarat has been left an orphan in Corona: Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is on a one-day visit to Gujarat. Kejriwal was given a grand welcome at the Ahmedabad airport by AAP workers. They then reached the circuit house. Then held a press conference. He will soon inaugurate a region office in Navrangpura.

Following the arrival of Kejriwal, there is great enthusiasm among your workers. Ther Ther banners were also hoisted in the city. Ahmedabad city president J. Kejriwal's welcome. J Mewada, Bhemabhai Chaudhary and other activists were present at the airport. About 40 personnel, including a police officer, were deployed to prevent any untoward incident. A small presence of activists was seen at the airport.

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Kejriwal's attack on BJP-Congress
* BJP-Congress is behind Gujarat's bad condition
* Congress has supplied goods when BJP needed it.
* 27 years of friendship between the two parties and the Congress is in the pocket of the BJP.
* Farmers in Gujarat commit suicide, the condition of government schools is bad.
* Both parties have left Gujarat orphaned in Corona.
* If electricity is free in Delhi then why is electricity expensive in Gujarat
* Aam Aadmi Party will contest elections in 182 seats in 2022 assembly
* Youth unemployed in Gujarat, no good education as well as government hospitals, schools are bad
* Gujarat's politics is bad The
model of Gujarat will remain in Gujarat. The people of Gujarat will prepare their own model

He took the name of 'Sardar' in the contribution of Gujaratis in the independence of the country

Kejriwal lauded the contribution of Gujaratis in the country's independence and its subsequent construction. This time, however, he strategically named only Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Elsewhere, he did not name any other Gujarati leaders, including Mahatma Gandhi. Kejriwal said that not only Gujarati leaders but also the Gujarati people had an important contribution in giving freedom to the country. After the country became independent, the Sardar united the country in the true sense by uniting more than 500 kingdoms. India today would not have been possible without the contribution of Sardar.

A large number of workers gathered outside the circuit house

The people gave me a lot of love, so I decided to get into politics:
Ishudan told a press conference that the people gave me a lot of love. For 15-16 years as a journalist I never thought I would be on this stage. As a journalist I have tried to benefit people. There was also a time when parents, traders, farmers discussed issues. The person must remain as he is. I felt I had to work twice as hard now so I decided to get into politics. What will happen to the people now? There was such pain. At the same time I have had to get into politics to get rid of the filth of the system. Now history is going to change in Gujarat. I will try my best to remove the dirt of politics. The Congress is also weak in this so the people want an alternative.

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Arvind Kejriwal's press conference has been held at the Vallabh Sadan Haveli temple on Ashram Road where the boots and shoes of the officers were taken out before entering the Vallabh Sadan Haveli. Tight police arrangements have been made for the conference. Since the press conference was in the temple, all the journalists, cameramen, Aam Aadmi leaders, activists and other people present in the press conference room came out with their boots and shoes out. But B Division ACP LB Zala and Gujarat University PI VJ Jadeja and Gunmen came to the temple wearing boots in the press conference hall. You are not allowed to enter the temple wearing boots. Other officers present at the police checkpoint also came out taking off their boots.

Kejriwal met journalist Isudan Gadhvi and AAP president Gopal Italia

Social distance of the mask
Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to visit the city in which many people are joining AAP today. Arvind Kejriwal reached the circuit house from the airport. Circuit House Many activists came to welcome Kejriwal. As soon as Kejriwal arrived, many activists thronged for the reception. Activists going to the reception forgot Corona and Social Distance. Activists greeted Kejriwal enthusiastically but also gathered in large numbers in crowds which is not desirable in the current situation. After the reception, the activists held a photo session at the circuit house, but even then, everyone was seen taking photos, following the rules. Everyone was snapping photos without keeping a distance from each other.

Women activists wrote Arvind Kejriwal's welcome from the rose

Arvind Kejriwal writes welcome to Aam Aadmi Party women activist Babita Jain and other women activists from Gulab on the road for welcome outside Navrangpura party office. Before the arrival of Arvind Kejriwal, AAP state president Gopal Italia inspected the preparations for the new state office. "I am coming to Gujarat tomorrow," Kejriwal tweeted yesterday. His visit is likely to bring many twists and turns in Gujarat politics.

Congress, BJP and AAP are gearing up for the 2022 elections
when the Congress elects some leaders including the state president, BJP in-charge Bhupendra Yadav's three-day visit to Gujarat and MLAs meeting on June 15. Among which now Aam Aadmi Party has also become active. On June 14, AAP National Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is on a one-day visit to Gujarat. A day before the tour, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted in Gujarati that "Gujarat will change now. I am coming to Gujarat tomorrow. I will meet all the brothers and sisters of Gujarat".

As many as 10 people, including a former journalist, can wear your hat in
Ahmedabad. According to sources, Kejriwal will arrive at Ahmedabad airport at 10.20 am and from there he will go directly to Shahibaug Circuit House. Where some leaders and thus Aam Aadmi Party workers can meet. Later he will be holding a press conference at Vallabh Sadan. Former journalist Isudan Gadhvi and 10 others are likely to join the Aam Aadmi Party. Aam Aadmi Party will inaugurate its new state office at Navrangpura in the afternoon.

More people will be connected to make your organization stronger

This visit of Arvind Kejriwal to guide the assembly elections is a sign of your readiness for the Gujarat Assembly. More people will be connected to make your organization stronger. As well as provide guidance on the upcoming Assembly elections. Kejriwal's visit to Gujarat is also being considered as an indicator

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Just 5 days ago, 300 activists split the
BJP. Even though BJP city president Niranjan Zanzmera himself belongs to the Prajapati Samaj, he is not making his mark on the BJP Surat city organization but his influence is not being seen in his own society. Niranjan Zanzibar seems to be proving weak as city president. Recently, these 300 activists joined AAP in Kamaraj assembly seats. The leaders of the BJP organization in Surat city seem to be in overconfidence which could pose a big challenge for them in the time to come.
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Gujarat Prisons Department Recruitment 2021


Gujarat Prisons Department, Ahmedabad published an official notification for Recruitment of Legal Officer posts. Eligible candidates can apply for this recruitment. You can view more details about this recruitment including No. of posts, name of post, Educational qualification, Age limit, Selection process, How to apply etc... You can also view official notification and other important facts about this recruitment e.g. Important links and Important dates.

GPD Legal Officer Recruitment 2021

Job details

  • No. of posts: 02
  • Name of posts: Legal Officer

Educational Qualification

  • Graduate in LLB from a recognized university. 

Age limit

2; list-style: inside disc; margin: 5px 0px; outline: 0px; padding: 0px; text-align: justify; vertical-align: baseline;">Not more than 40 year

Selection Process

  • The final Selection will be based on a personal interview.

How to Apply

  • Interested candidates may send their Application in the prescribed format, along with the Educational Certificate, Experience Certificate with self-attested at below mentioned address by Registered A.D.
    • Send your application to the given address: Additional Director General of Police and Inspector General of Prisons, Gujarat State, Jail Bhavan, Nr. Subhash Bridge Circle, Ahmedabad 380027. 

Important Links:

Important Dates

  • Last date for application: 14/06/2021 
  • Note: all details will be available after 3rd June 2021.
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54.91% of children in India spend time on online platforms, Minecraft game most popular worldwide

Kids Online Video Ride:  54.91% of children in India spend time on online platforms, Minecraft game most popular worldwide

A study by Kaspersky Safe Kids claims that children spent their time on audio, video and software during the lockdown.
India ranks fourth with 37.35% of children spending time on YouTube

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If schools were closed during the lockdown, what did the children do during that time? During this period the children have spent their maximum time on the online platform. At the time of the lockdown there were neither online classes nor homework. A study by Kaspersky Safe Kids claims that children spend their time on audio, video and software during lockdowns. This has benefited e-commerce companies a lot.

Compared to other countries, children in India spend the most time watching videos on computers. Children rank fourth in India with 37.35% in time spent on YouTube. 

While India was active at the highest zoom with 8.40% and UAE with 5.96%, the Facebook app was not popular among children. The BTS and Blackpink children of the pop band loved the music. Ariana Grande, Billy Ilish and Travis Scott Singers became children's favorites.

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Cartoon Videos Most Viewed
Worldwide, children with cartoon accounts viewed the most 50.21%. Lady Bug and Super Cat, Gravity Falls and Pappa Pig were the most popular. Second, the TV show became the children's choice.

The most searched Godzilla Vs Kong trailer in the TV series

The Voice Kids was the most searched in English. The most popular trailers in the film and TV series were Godzilla Vs Kong, Jack Snyder's Justice League and Disney + Hotstar's Vandavision. Kids liked Cobra Kai and Stranger Things the most on Netflix.
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Cultivation of various vegetables and fruits by 40 years old hydroponics method without soil, this type of cultivation provides 100% nutrients.

New trend among Saurashtra farmers:  Cultivation of various vegetables and fruits by 40 years old hydroponics method without soil, this type of cultivation provides 100% nutrients.

Image of farming by hydroponics method

This method can be used to grow tomatoes, strawberries, eggplant, spinach

Vegetables and fruits can be grown indoors even without soil. A teacher of a private school in Rajkot has quit his job and has become self-sufficient by producing vegetables and fruits only with water using the hydroponics method. He read an article on the disadvantages of pesticides and came up with the idea of ​​growing vegetables using hydroponics method.

This method is 40 years old.
People can also use this hydroponics method to grow vegetables and fruits according to the space on the agaci. Planting with hydroponics method also eliminates the risk of cancer caused by pesticides. Nutrients are also found in excess. The hydroponics method is not new, but is 40 years old. With the help of hydroponics technology, many vegetables and fruits including tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, capsicum, chilli, karela, milk, cucumber, mint, spinach have been planted at home.

Vegetables including tomatoes, eggplants, strawberries, capsicum, chilli, curry, milk, cucumber, mint, spinach can be grown at home.

What is the hydroponics method?
Hydroponics is the original Greek word, in which hydro means water and ponics means labor, i.e. growing fruits, flowers and vegetables in water instead of soil is called hydroponics. According to this method only 10 percent more water is required than land. Once the setup is prepared with a special type of pipeline, only nutrients and plant costs are negligible for its maintenance. This plant can be grown on the balcony or in the attic of the house. This method is being used in Israel, Germany, America and China.

Has spent Rs 12 lakh to Rs 13 lakh on 7 thousand square feet. Rasikbhai has set up two plants using hydroponics method, in which 5 thousand square feet and 2 thousand square feet. He has spent a total of Rs 12 lakh to Rs 13 lakh on these two plants. A third plant is currently in operation. The 5 thousand square feet plant produces more than 100 kg of vegetables daily and the 2 thousand square feet plant produces more than 70 kg of vegetables.

It is also claimed to have more nutrients than vegetables grown in the soil.

Employs 6 people Rasikbhai said that the price of my vegetables is Rs 150 per kg. There are 200 regular customers a day, who buy vegetables from me, as well as May 6 people I have hired and I am also providing employment to them. My target is to employ 15,000 people by 2035. I give free guidance to everyone who comes to my plant and encourage people to adopt this method. My family also helps me a lot in this farming.

Waiting for new residents of urban areas,
aside from urban areas said rasikabhaie farmland has been talking about non-farm land. In addition, it is difficult to find organic vegetables and fruits in urban areas without the use of nutrients and seeds. If this method is adopted then low cost, less space and organic vegetables are available. This farming tradition adopted by Rasikbhai from his home is a new hope for other farmers and residents of urban areas.

Everyone who comes to the plant is guided for free.

The new idea of ​​farming
Rasikbhai explains how he came up with the idea of ​​farming with this method. Peanut husks were later fed to cows, which had an effect on cow's blood and milk. A child drank this milk and got cancer. Later I started researching how to grow vegetables and other crops without pesticides and chemical fertilizers, in which I learned about hydroponics and then just continued working on it and I had success.

Basil crop boosts immunity in Corona Rasikbhai
was asked which crop you have planted in the current Corona epidemic which boosts people's immunity. “I planted a basil crop in Corona,” he said. The plants of this crop are like Tulsi. Consumption of this boosts the immune system of the people. Apart from vegetables, crops including cereals, groundnuts, cow fodder can be grown in the hydroponics system and a good product can also be taken. Hydroponics is an automatic system. I have also guided agriculture level PhD students in this regard. If water is stockpiled after one year of rains, it can be cultivated with hydroponics for the next five years, as it uses only 10 per cent water.

Organic vegetables are available in less space.

Read in Gujarati news 

Rasikbhai, who is currently researching bacteria, said that growing vegetables in the soil spreads many diseases, while growing vegetables with hydroponics method does not cause a single disease and also provides adequate nutrients. I am currently researching a bacterium that can alert to tomatoes 24 hours before the onset of the disease. It is my dream to take agriculture forward fast. Cow fodder produces 10 kg out of one kg, it contains 10 times more protein and vitamins. Nutrients are given in this method so that children do not get calcium deficiency in vegetables. People can also get information about the hydroponics method from a website called
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A disturbing picture of a tragic event, Mani Mamta was embarrassed in December, the family left the old man wandering in the garbage!

Deadly Age:  A disturbing picture of a tragic event, Mani Mamta was embarrassed in December, the family left the old man wandering in the garbage!

A picture of an old man lying in the trash

Deesa and Palanpur service-minded youth voluntarily shifted to Palanpur Trauma Center for treatment
What was the compulsion of the cruel family that the mother had to throw in the trash!


Husband and wife riding a bike collided with a car and fell into the air 10 feet, young man died at the scene

In December, the old woman fled in a pile of rubbish at night. Deesa was rescued by the Hindu Youth Organization and shifted to Palanpur Civil Hospital for treatment. This humanitarian work of the service-minded youth of Deesa and Palanpur is being appreciated.

Leaving the
old woman two days ago, in the Kali Yuga, instead of taking care of the essence of the old mother, she is being despised. A similar case came out in December. Nitinbhai Soni, president of Deesa Hindu Yuva Sangathan, said the team arrived with friends after they came to know that an old woman had been leaving her family in a rickshaw two days ago in a rubbish heap near a new garden in the Hawai Pillar area of ​​Deesa. When asked his name, Kamlaben Babubhai said.

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former was shifted to Palanpur for further treatment and was shifted to Deesa Civil Hospital by ambulance in critical condition. From where he was sent to Palanpur for further treatment. Jayeshbhai Soni, Nareshbhai Soni of Palanpur Jan Seva Edge Prabhu Seva Sansthan admitted the former to the Trauma Center and took full responsibility for the treatment. In this regard, Nitinbhai Soni said, "We are trying our best to find the family members of the old woman." The matter will be reported to the police, including the social welfare department, on Monday.

The Hindu youth organization moved the old man for treatment

An elderly woman was pounding water in a pile of rubbish in a vacant lot near Nanaji Deshmukh Garden, located in the closed air pile ground at Deesa's highway area. When the people of the slums living in the area came to know about it, they reported the matter to the gardener rather than to the gardener. They were brought out of the place, put under the garden shed, arranged for tea and water and sent to Civil Hospital by 108 for treatment.

Soni, president of Hindu Yuva Sangathan, said, "I got a call from Deesa in which an air pillar has put an ex off for two days." There is no one to take care of them. So we came here and saw that there were piles of rubbish. The approximate age will be 80 years. We immediately called an ambulance and were the garden guards. With his help, he was taken out of the rubbish and shifted to the 108th Civil Hospital. There is no information about any family at present.
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Delta variant now converted to more dangerous Delta +, monoclonal antibodies cocktail may not be affected

Corona's new disaster:  Delta variant now converted to more dangerous Delta +, monoclonal antibodies cocktail may not be affected

Scientists worried Corona's Delta variant is now turning into a more dangerous Delta +
The Delta variant of the Corona wreaked havoc in the country

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Bihar:The mad elephant knocked the young man high from the trunk, causing havoc for 5 consecutive hours.

The Delta variant that wreaked havoc in the country in the second wave of the Corona has now turned into the more dangerous Delta +. Scientists fear that the monoclonal antibody cocktail being given to Corona patients may not be effective on this variant. The English news website Times of India has given this report. Monoclonal antibodies cocktail was approved for emergency use in the country in early May.

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Israel:Three cars plunged into a ditch in the parking area, see CCTV footage

The Times reports that according to Britain's public health organization Public Health England (PHE), the 63 genomes of the Delta variant have come up with a new K417N mutation. According to PHE reports, Delta + was discovered during routine investigations into changes to the Delta variant. As per PHE's latest report on Covid variants, 6 cases of Delta + variant have been reported in India till June 7.

Delta + has been discovered during routine investigations of changes to the Delta variant.


Husband and wife riding a bike collided with a car and fell into the air 10 feet, young man died at the scene

Dr. of the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi. Vinod Sakaria said the biggest concern regarding the K417N mutation is that it has found evidence of antibodies being resistant to cocktails. However, he also said that the frequency of K417N mutations in India is not very high.

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What is Monoclonal Antibodies Cocktail?
Monoclonal antibodies are composed of the cocktail casirivimab and imdevimab. It is jointly manufactured by pharma company Cipla and Roche India. It was approved in May for emergency use of corona treatment in India. It was approved by the Central Drugs Standards Control Organization (CDSCO) based on data provided for emergency use in the United States and the European Union.
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Find out which video went viral in Pakistan and caused a stir all over the US - eyes will widen after watching the video

Former US President Donald Trump has been the subject of much controversy during his tenure. From his statements to his actions, he was the talk of the town. Meanwhile, Trump has become a bit inactive now that he has lost the election.

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 In the past, however, wearing upside down pants has once again been discussed on social media. Now Trump is seen selling ice cream in Pakistan.

વાયરલ વિડીયો જોવો 


ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

The video was captured in Sahiwal, Pakistan. One person was seen singing songs in the streets and selling ice cream. Many people were amazed to see his face. This person's face is exactly like Trump's. People are sharing this video because this person is about 40 years old.

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In Sahiwal, Punjab, the man was seen singing in Urdu on the streets. Sells ice cream known by its lyrics. In the meantime, someone made a video of it and shared it on the internet. The person's face has turned white due to the illness, which has made his complexion look like Trump's. People are very fond of wearing Trump's kurta-pajamas.

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There has been a lot of talk about Trump's look. After his video went viral, many commented that it should be more discussed because of the sound than the face and appearance. The way a person sings a song is admirable. There is magic in his voice that will probably never wake Trump up. In such a situation, attention should be paid to his talent, not to his face. People are praising this person, who sings very comfortably even in the scorching heat.

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Israel:Three cars plunged into a ditch in the parking area, see CCTV footage

Israel:Three cars plunged into a ditch in the parking area, see CCTV footage

Hello friends, I have given you such information here and today this different and strange and also a video of it is given below. Information is also given below. Please share more and more.

Three cars overturned in a pothole in Jerusalem, Israel. Here a sudden pothole fell in the parking lot of Shar Jadek Medical Center. 


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Three cars fell into the pit at the same time. Importantly, tunnel construction is underway near the pit. The tunnel runs through the hospital and its parking area. No casualties were reported in the accident. The whole incident has been captured on CCTV cameras at the scene.

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Corona's third wave will affect children more than older people, there is no scientific basis for this: Dr. Lahariya

Bhaskar Interview:  Corona's third wave will affect children more than older people, there is no scientific basis for this: Dr. Lahariya

The second wave of corona in India is weakening, but it is not over. The peak of the second wave was four times larger than the first peak in September last year. The death toll in the second wave has also doubled. More than 2.5 lakh people have died in 150 days. While the second wave is not over yet, many experts are saying that the third wave will come. And it can be very dangerous even for children.

But Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya, an expert on epidemics, has a different opinion. He says there is no scientific basis to prove it. Children are no more at risk than older people. 40% of the population in our country is under 18 years of age. Of these, 10 percent have been infected so far. "Under-reporting of deaths is happening in every country," he said. The actual death toll in India can be 2 to 6 times higher than the actual death toll.

Dr. Lahariya met Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, Delhi AIIMS, and Dr. Gagandeep Kang, Top Vaccine Scientist, and wrote a book on coronavirus in India. Its name is "Till We Win". Dr. Lahariya Koro is also a member of several committees. We discussed with him various issues like Corona's current condition, its potential risk to children, future wave, speed of vaccination. Here are some excerpts from this:

Q: Where did we go wrong in estimating such a large corona wave?

Dr. Lahariya: When an epidemic strikes, long-term planning is necessary. There were three big mistakes in stopping Corona in our country..1. We lacked planning there. 2. Testing and treatment facilities did not reach the villages. 3. We learn from the mistakes of others and their best practices in epidemics. But we didn't learn that! The speed of vaccination could have been increased, but we did not.

Now a lot of attention needs to be paid to mental health and post-covid treatment. You have to understand that an epidemic has to be fought on three levels ... 1. Government 2. Health system 3. People. If one of the three does not do its job properly, the level of the epidemic will increase and it will spread.

Question: Is the third wave coming by September and will it affect the children?
Dr. Lahariya: There is no scientific basis for saying that the third wave or any other wave will be more dangerous for children. The first and second waves have had little effect on children. People up to the age of 18 have had Corona's Moderate to Severe Illness from 10 percent to 11 percent. 40% of the country's population is under 18 years of age. Corona affects 89 percent of the 60+ population of 18+.

There is also a scientific basis for low risk for children. The virus attaches to receptors called APE-1 in the lungs. In children those receptors are under-developed. It does not cause serious symptoms in children even after infection. Even in countries where a third or fourth wave has occurred, children are less affected. Even the new variants do not affect the children much. In other words, there is no risk in children.

Question: Where is the shortcoming in the government's vaccination planning?
Dr. Lahariya: For successful vaccination, it is possible to work on three levels ... 1. Policy. 2. Supply 3. Delivery at ground level, now it should be scrutinized

Policy: The country has formed a working group on vaccination, which has been setting priorities since September, 2020. But the supply of vaccines was not taken into consideration.

Supply: Vaccination was to start from January 16 and the first order was placed on January 11. I.e. only 5 days ago. There were also many misgivings about the vaccine. The vaccine was previously available but no one was vaccinated. As people increased demand, supply began to dwindle. Because no attention was paid to timely supply.

Delivery on the ground: We would have benefited better if we had learned from the polio eradication campaign. However, AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization) has been put to good use. The cold chain system that has developed over the last 15 years has also been put to good use. However, with proper care, our vaccination program would be much better today.

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Question: Reports say that people who have an infection do not need a vaccine, is this true?

Dr. Lahariya: As far as the study is concerned, a person who has been infected has protection for 6 to 9 months. Because of this the WHO also says that people who have been infected once can wait up to six months for the vaccine.

According to a May 24 study in the journal Nature, people who have had a mild infection begin to have a gradual decrease in antibodies, which disappear after about 11 months. However, due to the presence of long live plasma cells in its bone marrow, a person can be protected for a long time.


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This is all an early understanding. Along with this new variants of Corona are also coming. The vaccine is the most effective option in these circumstances.

Question: Fear of variants is also being shown to speed up vaccination. Is there a risk of new variants or strains being delayed in vaccination?

Dr. Lahariya: According to a study conducted in the last few days, the need for neutralizing antibodies against the new variant is higher than the traditional variant. However, no one in Corona has a level of antibody. If a person has antibodies it is considered protected. Then even if not based on antibodies.
If a person has antibodies they are considered protected. Then no matter what the amount of antibody. This means that the vaccine will also be effective against newer variants.

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The dog was sitting on the sofa watching TV and all of a sudden it happened that you would be blown away by the video.

This can be understood from a study in the UK. It found that the efficacy against the Delta variant was 32 percent after a single dose of the vaccine. While against the alpha variant was 52 percent. This means that with the advent of new variants, the effectiveness of vaccines may be somewhat diminished. However, it cannot be said that it will be completely useless.

Question: Should children be vaccinated first or should they cover the elderly?

Dr. Lahariya: There is no unlimited amount of vaccine. In these circumstances vaccination should be done on a priority basis. This type of vaccination program should be run worldwide. India is the first country to have vaccinated so many people at once.

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As far as children are concerned, the risk to children is very low. These circumstances will be covered at the very end. My guess is that vaccination of children in India could start in September or later.

Question: Some countries have banned Kovishield, but we have all hopes on it there ... What do you think about the ban?

Dr. Lahariya: The restrictions that have been imposed are not a ban. Nor do such countries allow for a specific age group. The main reason behind this is suspected to be a rare blood clot from the cove shield. However, scientists believe that this risk is much lower than the benefits of vaccination.

The risk of blood clotting is reduced. This means that people over the age of 60 are the least likely to be in the age group of 50 to 60. It increases at a younger age. For this reason some countries have made it available to people of a certain age. In addition, most countries have a choice of vaccine.

Question: Even after being vaccinated with cove vaccine, it is not considered vaccinated abroad, what is the reason behind it and there is talk of fourth phase trials, is there any need for it?

Dr. Lahariya: Emergency use of Covexin was approved in India. The clinical trial of the vaccine was completed in March and the results came in May. The trial must be completed for approval from the WHO. All data should be available. The process is not complete. As a result, it has not been approved at the international level.

I think covexin will be approved as soon as the process is complete. Hope to see you soon from WHo then. Then this problem is considered to be over.

Question: Which of the mix and match vaccines is right, what does the research say so far?

Dr. Lahariya: This was the first research in Spain. There the first dose of Oxford Astragenica was given. Then another dose of mRNA based Pfizer Biotech was given. They found that the side effects of mixed vaccinations were slightly higher, although antibody levels were much higher in mixed doses than in both doses of a single vaccine.

That is, the vaccine protects both conditions. Similar studies are being conducted in the UK. There are similar results. There will be several vaccines in the near future. If further studies show that the longer the protection from mix and match, the greater the benefits.

Q: Bihar recently restructured the death toll from Corona, what do you think could be the reason behind this gap in statistics?
Dr. Lahariya: Death is under- reported in this type of epidemic all over the world. Under-reporting takes place at different levels in each country. According to a WHO report, the death toll worldwide is two to two and a half times higher. If we talk about India, the actual number of deaths in India could be two to six times.

However this fact of death cannot be suppressed. The matter will come up in the next census. Second, when the country's 2020-21 death toll rises one year later, the total death toll will rise. The figures released by Maharashtra and Bihar after the review show that some deaths have definitely been under-reported.
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