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Jio’s new Dhan Dhana Dhan prepaid, postpaid plans: 84GB data at Rs 399 and more

Reliance Jio has come up with four new data plans which offer data at prices as low as Rs 2.27 per GB. A customer can avail 24GB at just Rs 149.

However, the latest offer is limited to the company's WiFi service called JioFi. So, the latest offer is only applicable for those who buy a new JioFi device.

The offer provides WiFi services with the option of being mobile. It's most useful to the users unwilling to purchase new smartphone which provides 4G services.

The device is available in the market at Rs 1,999.

How to use device?

JioFi works along with a SIM card that the user needs to purchase along with a recharge of Rs 99.

The offers provides prime membership to the user for that particular SIM.

Thereafter, the user can choose from four different recharge options ranging from Rs 149 to Rs 999.

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