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LIC New plans to start at Rs 121 only, invest Rs 27 lakh

LIC New  plans to start at Rs 121 only, invest Rs 27 lakh

Parents who are born for a better future of girls, plan to take a good investment policy. Today we will tell you about an LIC policy that made LIC the daughter for marriage. LIC's name is 'Kurnadan Yojana'. This plan can get 121 rupees per day for a monthly premium of about Rs. 3600. Besides, this plan can be availed even if one wants to give less premium or more premiums.

If you deposit Rs. 121 per day in LIC's special policy, you get 27 lakh rupees in 25 years. If the death occurs after taking out the policy, then the family will not have to pay the premium for this policy and that year also will get Rs 1 lakh. Apart from 25 years of completion, the policy nominee will get 27 lakh rupees separately.

Which policies will you get at the end?

The policyholder should be 30 years of age and the daughter's age is 1 year. This plan will be available for 25 years, but premiums will be paid only for 22 years. You and your daughter get this policy as per the age of the individual. According to the age of the daughter, this policy limit will decrease.

Look at the policy:

- The policy can be taken for 25 years.

- will have to pay a premium for 22 years.

- Rs. 121 per month, about Rs. 3630 per month

- In the meantime, if the insured dies, then the family will not have to pay a premium.

- The son gets one lakh rupees every year during the remaining years of the policy

- Nominee gets 27 lakh rupees for completion of policy

- This policy can be found on a lower or higher premium

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