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LIC will invest in this policy before March 31, get double benefit
LIC will invest in this policy before March 31, get double benefit

Investment Plan: LIC will have to apply only once in this policy

new Delhi. March 31 is coming and people are investing in havoc to save income tax. This leads to wrong investment many times, which in turn leads to loss. But the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is a policy that can be used to double the investment. While life insurance will get the full benefit, income tax will also be saved. Apart from this, money will be given only once.

What is the plan

LIC's life advantage (Jeevan Utkarsh)

Has issued single premium plan by name. The biggest feature of this plan is to become maturing in 12 years. After 12 years the money will be returned with full profit. This plan can also be done for the child's name of minimum age of 6 years and a person up to 47 years can also take this plan.

How much will the minimum Sum Assured get
Those who make money in this will get Sum Assured of minimum 75 thousand rupees. However there is no limit to obtaining maximum Sum Assured. People can select it according to their ability. Not only this, if someone thinks that he needs money later, then the method of computation of surrender value is quite inadequate. If someone surrenders it within a year then it will get 70 percent value back. But if someone surrenders it after a year, then it will return 90 per cent value.

You can also take a loan in exchange for
Not only this, if someone thinks that he needs money and he does not want to return his insurance too, LIC has also arranged for that too. LIC will also offer loans in lieu of this insurance policy. Although this loan will not get three months from the beginning After this, it can be taken any time in the entire policy term.

Free Look Period Will Benefit
If someone thinks that he has chosen the wrong policy then he can return it during the 15-day free look period. These 15 days are counted since the policy was received. However, if a policy wants to return, then it has to tell the appropriate reason.

Advantage at a glance
If a healthy person takes this plan at the age of 25 and takes a basic sum assured of minimum 75 thousand rupees then he will have to pay Rs 41242. This plan will get it for 12 years. In this plan, he will get Rs 412420 for his family in the event of death. This benefit will be available throughout the entire policy term. If there is no accident, 79875 rupees will be returned.

Do not wait till March 31
Many times people do not take the decision to invest time and invest in the end of the financial year. In this hurry, many times their form remains incomplete or at times the check bounces for various reasons. In such a situation, neither is the time to invest and neither can the rebate of income tax be obtained. In such a situation, it is necessary that the investment decision should be taken quickly, which will not lead to such problems.

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