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How to find a CUBE ROOT of number

Step 1: Now to find the unit place of the cube root always remember the following points
1. If the Last digit of a cube root is 8 then the unit digit will be 2.
2. If the Last digit of a cube root is 2 then the unit digit will be 8.
3. If the Last digit of a cube root is 3 then the unit digit will be 7.
4. If the Last digit of a cube root is 7 then the unit digit will be 3.
5.If the Last digit of a cube root is other than 2,3,7,8 than put the same number as the unit digit.
Now the unit digit will be 4

Step 2: Now strike the last 3 digits of the given number.
Step 3: Now find the nearest square of the first 2 digits from the left
Now the nearest cube is 8
Step 4now 8 is the cube root of 2
Therefore the ten’s place digit is 2
So the answer will be 24
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