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Holi K Din Kya Kare And Kya Na Kare || Holi Ko Kiase Manaye and Kaise Na Manaye || Holi Celebrations 2019 in Various Parts of India

Holi Celebrations  2019  in Various Parts of India

Holi Festival In India  Why We Are Celebrations Holi In India,holi in india ,holi ko kya kare and kya na kare
Holi Ka Dahan is on 21st March this year and Holi sits 8 days before Holi. In the form of hormonal, it is forbidden to do all the good work in Hinduism because it is considered inauspicious time. According to astrology, time from Fallgun Shuklapakshi Ashtami to Fallgun Shukla Purnima is called a hormone.

According to mythological belief, 8 days before Holi, the impact of negative energy increases in nature by falgun Shukla Othtmi. This does not cause any good work. Mythological beliefs about the Holocaust is that Dyan Raj Hirayyakashyava, Falgun Shukla Party Ashtami, gave pain to the devotee by invading Prahlad. Holi also started preparing for the burning of Prahlad from day one and was celebrated on Holi after burning on the day of burning.
Holi Festival In India  Why We Are Celebrations Holi In India,holi in india ,holi ko kya kare and kya na kare

There is also a story that Lord Shiva was burnt down on Kamadeva on the day of the Holocaust. This caused the lamentation of mourning in nature and people stopped doing good work. Prakruti was delighted after getting a blessing of Lord Shiva coming back on the day of Holi. That is why a period of the Holocaust is not considered to be good during the Holocaust.

A place is selected for the Holika burning from Falgun Shukla Ashtami. Holi is being burnt in Shubha Mohuhat of Sanyakal on Purnima. It is also known as how will the next year be.

Holi preparations begin almost 10 days before every Mathura house. Homes are made of different types of Pakan Misthan. Holi starts with Vrindavan's colorful Ekadashi.

Holi festival is also associated with Radha Krishna's love. Practicing each other in the spring is believed to be the organ of Lord Krishna.

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