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Such earning can be 35 thousand rupees, once a million will be imposed

This business is increasingly demanding, you can also start

New business idia, earn up to 35000 par month, gar Bethe income Kaise kare
New Delhi It is not necessary that you have more money to start a better business. With less investment, steps can also be taken to better business. It is just imperative that you have a good idea to start a business. We are talking about a similar business here, which you have to invest only about Rs 1 lakh from yourself to start. It will also help the government in starting this. You can earn up to 35 thousand rupees by removing the expenses incurred on taxes, loans and salaries every month.

Start these businesses
We are here to tell you about starting a manufacturing unit to make biscuits, cakes, chips and breads. To start this business, you will get loan easily under the government's special currency scheme. The bakery product's demand remains the whole year.

Earn up to 1 lakh earning new business opportunities
Essential raw material
Flour, Flour, Potato, Milk, Ghee, Sugar, Yeast, Salt, Flavor Powder and Edible Color. All these products will be available anywhere.

How much will come
-Working Capital: 1.86 lakhs (Includes RAW-Material, Ingraduate, Worker's Salary, Packing, Telephone, Rent etc.)
-Fixed capital: Rs 3.5 lakh (this includes the cost of all kinds of machinery and equipment.)

Total expenditure: Rs 5.36 lakhs

How to get help from the government
In this you have to get 90 thousand rupees from you.
The bank will have a term loan of Rs 2.97 lakh.
The working capital loan will be 1.49 lakh rupees.

How will profit
If Monthly starts manufacturing with a working capital of Rs 1.86 lakh, then a total sale of Rs 20.38 lakhs in a year. At the same time, production cost will be 14.26 lakh rupees annually in making such a product. Think of it like this ....

Production Cast: 14.26 lakhs annually
Turnover: 20.38 lakhs annually
Gross Profit: Rs 6.12 Lakhs Annually
Annual interest of term loan and working capital loan: about 50 thousand rupees
Income Tax: 13 thousand rupees
Other expenses: 70 thousand rupees
Net profit: 4.6 lakhs annually
Monthly: More than 35 thousand rupees

How many years will get full investment
Annual Returns: 78 Percent
4.20 lacs x 100 / 5.36 lac = 78%
I.e. complete investment in 1.5 years will come out.

How to apply
You can apply for this in any bank under the Prime Minister's Money Scheme. For this, you have to fill in a form in which to give this detail ...
Name, address, business address, education, current income and how much loan.
There would not have been any processing fees or guaranteed fees. The loan amount can be looted in 5 years.

What must be

-You must have a place for this. If you do not have a place then it can be taken on rent. This expenditure is an add-in in working capital.
For this, Man Power has to be a Manager, Sales Man, Skilled Worker and Semi-Scaled Worker. All these salaries will cost Rs 50 to 60 thousand rupees, which have been added to the working capital.

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