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Script for English for competitive exam

Useful English for Competitive exams
Examples of nouns
  • Person 
He is the person to see.
Plato was an influential Greek philosopher.
Sharon admires her grandfather.
My mother looks a lot like my grandmother, and I look very much like them. 
Jagruti started to write.
  • Place

Look! There’s a beautiful flower. 
The hostel is close.
Let’s go to the restaurant.
Go there.
Come here.
  • Idea
Follow the rules.
Love is a wonderful emotion.
The theory of relativity is an important concept.
  • Thing
Throw the ball.
Please open the door.
Use words properly to be understood.
The lamp sits on a table next to the sofa.
Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Animal 
The dog barked at the men.
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