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Script for English improvement for competitive exam ||How to improve English for competitive exam??

The script for English improvement for competitive exam
How to improve English for competitive exam??

Now don't be afraid of English in the competitive exam...Here are some steps for English improvement which may be helpful to you in the competitive exam.
  • You try maintaining notes consisting grammatical rules, few antonyms-synonyms etc and you just go through these notes before going for an examination. By doing so you are limiting yourself from learning this important language. 
  • You must have read many articles regarding the same and almost all of them focus more or less on reading habit.
  • Comprehension – how easily you can comprehend completely depends on your reading habits. The more you read the lesser time you take to comprehend things. Sometimes you will find the same comprehension you have read somewhere before. 
  • Spotting error – It is very difficult to remember all the grammatical rules but when you are into serious reading habits and you read some erred sentence you will instinctively know that there is some error in this part of the sentence.
  • Maintain a note of words- write down phrases, words which are used in a particular context, speeches whatever you find worth noting down. When you write new words, note them with context as it is easy to remember. 
  • Creative Writing- Write comments, share experiences, set you free to write etc. can help you to prepare well in the competitive exam by providing online material, video lectures and regular online tests(provided with Auto result and Daily solution)...

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