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Board students greet me with a good greeting.

In March-2019, the Public Examination Board of Std - 10, 12 will take you through 9 MAR sheet and the State Council of State Education. Standard -;

 Round the same number of pumps that give the number.

Students of 10 are going to give public examination first;

• Read the first question paper quietly. What would it be like to have a paper? How • If the first question is not read, then the anxiety seating arrangement. What? Supervised - Let's do 4 ? Board or not. There is another 49 question, right? What will always be the OMR seat? Many such logic - keep a positive positive price. The child is in the mind. - ow. R In order to give guidance to students about this, very focused attention is made. Round the numbers accordingly Helpline is started by some outstanding board, keeping in mind that there is no confusion, good psychiatrist to remove and p. M. R Do not change the seat, and people who know the 'Fear' method than the round, do not be afraid of it. Guidance is calling the phone, on the screen. Writing a bar code, writing in a rescript, giving motivational speeches is also given. - Wrap the khaki sticker. Board exams are held every year. So • Writing Mudassar in the Middle East. Students do not need to panic, you have to put a lot of new questions in front of you, do hard work, do not come, you are very hungry, keeping you aside and writing a new one. The world class courses in your school: • The conning of the examination is taught by the bell, and the paper will be the only one. Not in the exam If he has a supplementary supplement, he will have a strong knowledge, will he? There are many such types of constructions. There is no need to worry. • Finally check all the questions. Nothing is missing from the school; one or two roles of the receipt of the school are seen to be seen, to be seen, to be taken out by the quantity. • Apply the Khakeeker right and wrong. • Only after reaching the examination center half an hour, the room inspector can provide paper number certification only after completing the paper. • What type of meeting is sitting in the woods, if they are in receipt or after completing the paper, the students will have to go. According to that, in which room the bikini is hurried, when the receipt is forgotten, your seat number is, check it, either cotton is going on the movie • by seeing the parents and the goddess of fate; Is there. Keep this in mind. Out • What went wrong after the paper went on? Discuss more details about how to get rid of plain food, as well as need to eat, drawbacks, lemonade and water in transparent bottles • SS, C Take the nearest of your board after completion of the examination. For the 11-12 science / commerce entry on the spot. Reception - Pen - Pencils etc. The room in which your number is, sit on the seat and conduct a deep scholarship entrance examination. Try to breathe and be happy for that. Contact me for more information as well as registration, be confident that good paper will go. Crystal schools - Rajkot (Borogirl's hostel) • No paper or slip around the band [6735 999 Blklo / 0303 Greetings from all students who have passed board examinations. . -

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