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10th 12th Fell can also earn money by opening your business without investing in a home

 Hello friends, hello, the results are going on right now  You will be reading a lot of people in 10th and 12th and the result is coming and somebody has come.  Some people fail in tenth and twelfth. They say what will we do?  So this post is being written for you that you can earn money by doing something right. So what do you do when money comes then I am telling you for that.

 Hobby class

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 You can earn good money by giving hobby classes to children at your home  The important thing is that you do not need to invest in doing these things  In Hobby Classes you can teach children how to play guitar  Take a class of painting  Can teach you how to cook  Or give them a singing class

 Blogging and YouTube (blogging and youtube)



 Ap can now start work at home through blogging  All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. If you want to start blogging at large  So you can have your own website  Blocking is becoming popular nowadays in the digital age, not only blogging but you can also make good money by putting videos on YouTube.  There are thousands of channels in the country today through which people are making good living at home

 Cooking class

 If you are interested in cooking or you make good food  So this hobby can be a good source of income  There are many people in the country who stay away from their homes for education or job because of which they have to eat outside the hotel.  And if you do not get home, you can give them tiffin service outside their office or outside their college.  In this you will earn Rs 10000

 Social Media Strategist


 This social media is going on and people are promoting it on social media to do any work  From corporates to startups, everyone enhances their business through social media. You can work on social media status list for these people at home.  You will need a laptop and internet connection to do this work

 Freelance Writing

 It is not necessary that you can earn money only after 8 hours in the office  If you are fond of writing, you can earn free fighting at home  With freelance writing, you can write for newspapers, if you get rs 500 in the open and if you write three articles in one day, you can earn 40000 to 45000 per month at home.
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