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SAS Gujarat portal new update in video

Sas Gujarat portal new update 
Sas new update information in video


 Updated two in Step 4B in the Monthly Sheet

 1.  CC at school  Have a TV camera or not?
 2.  H.  Whether or not Tat is a principal.
 Update this when filling out a monthly form(masik patrak)


 All result sheets have been updated
as per the directions of Hon'ble
Director Sir.
 Download the student data from SSA C
TRACKING EXCEL and save it
 as the name of the school's dias code,
then upload the excel file directly to the result sheet and add the children's details.

Now watch video to full process of update of SAS Gujarat portal.

Sas Gujarat portal par vidyarthi onu mulyakan  kevi rite karso video jova nicheni link par click KARO

Imporatnt link

Click here to SAS video

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