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Corona Virus: Treatment available in Gujarat

Corona Virus: Treatment available in Gujarat

This post we are providing Information about Corona Virus: Treatment available in such places in Gujarat. coronavirus treatment places of Gujarat. What to do in coronavirus.What not to do in coronavirus.Corona virus-specific information, Corona Virus: Treatment available in such places in Gujarat, What to do in coronavirus, What not to do in coronavirus.

Ahmedabad: Coronavirus transmission is spreading all over the world and the number of people dying due to the virus has crossed four thousand. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a pandemic. In India too, more than 70 positive cases of Coronavirus cases in India have come out. Fortunately, no positive case of Coronavirus Cases in Gujarat has been reported in Gujarat yet, but people have been spreading the virus with certainty.

Corona virus-specific information

Corona Virus Treatment available in gujarat
Corona Virus Treatment available in Gujarat
If you too are experiencing symptoms like coronavirus or have any doubts or doubts about this, you can get information by calling the government's helpline number 104.

In addition, special arrangements have been made to treat coronavirus or to keep such patients isolated at civil hospitals located in all major cities. In addition, treatment is available at the district level health centers for suspected coronary virus patients. So anyone can visit the above places. At these centers, samples of patients suspected to be suspicious will be taken to the isolation ward.


According to Health Commissioner Jayaprakash Shivhare, Ahmedabad's B. J. Coronavirus testing has been arranged at Medical College. Earlier, samples were sent to Poona. Special arrangements have been made for the screening of passengers arriving at various airports in the state including Ahmedabad. A team of 24 * 7 doctors is deployed at airports like Ahmedabad, Surat. If a passenger has symptoms of the coronavirus during screening, the sample is taken and transported to isolation. In addition, details of where the passenger came from are also obtained.

Corona Virus: Treatment available in such places in Gujarat

Anil Mooki, the state's chief secretary, last week issued several orders to the municipal commissioners and collectors of the state over the Coronavirus. Accordingly, mapping of all government and private hospitals at the district and corporation level has been ordered to start isolation ward in all these hospitals.

In this ward isolation bed, ventilator, necessary equipment, p. P. Instructions have been made to make the kit, N95 mask, three-layer mask, etc. available sufficiently. In addition, instructions were given to start a 24-hour control room and broadcast a helpline number at the district and corporation level.

What to do to avoid the coronavirus

  • Wash hands frequently with soap
  • Clean the living and workspace once a day.
  • If you get sick when traveling and after being exposed to a person with coronavirus symptoms,
  • report to the nearest health center, seeking medical attention soon.

What should not be done to prevent the coronavirus?

  • What should not be done to prevent the coronavirus?
  • • If you are sick, do not go to a crowded place.
  • Do not touch the eyes, nose, and mouth during the illness.
  • • Do not make unsafe contact with wild and farm animals.
  • • Should not be paid in public.

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