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Picture Paheliya Part - 1

Riddle 1. If the end is cut off it becomes another
Increase the taste of tea and vegetable?

Ans: Ginger

Riddle 2. My organ, full of green, stays locked in the box
Opening the box is easy, tell me my name?

Ans: Peas

Riddle 3. I am like everyone, pearl closed in the walls
My tree is very thriving, but never burns?

Ans: Banana

Riddle 4. The name of two letters told its fruit to everyone
What is the most variety, is there kernels in the fruit?

Ans: Mango

Riddle 5. With three letter names, its fruit is dark black
Diabetic patient is friendly, shade is like roof

Ans: Berries

Puzzle 6. The name of the two letters is called the symbol of peace
The status of the national tree was given to it, the emperor got it planted abroad!

Ans: Bud tree

Riddle 7. A woman has 12 sons, grandchildren totaling sixty
Every grandson has sixty sons, woman is absolutely lumbering!

Ans: Inch Tape

Riddle 8. When they burn they cry
Everyone is happy to burn them!

Ans: Firecrackers

Riddle 9. By walking slowly it comes, blossoms and blossoms
Neither nose nor ears, lips are recognized

Ans: Smile

Riddle 10. This game is very strange, let it be deceived in the limits of the couple
Rhythm beat, stopped breathing, touch back, Doda not left!

Ans: Kabbadi

Riddle 11. Which is the thing that you buy to eat but do not eat?
Ans: Plate

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