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2 accidents on Gondal-Jetpur highway

:A car caught fire behind a tempo near Gundala crossroads, a tractor full of onions overturned on the car, no casualties were reported.

The car caught fire in the accident.

No major casualties were reported in the accident

Gondal Market Yard is getting a flurry of onions. A tractor loaded with onions overturned on a WagonR car near the yard. The driver, however, was miraculously rescued. While in another accident the car caught fire due to an accident between the car and the tempo. However, there were no casualties as the driver went out of the time indicator.

The tempo on the car was reversed.

Gondal police rushed to the spot and took action
. The accident took place between a car and a tempo a short distance from Gundala crossroads. The car caught fire shortly after the accident and was rescued when the driver went out of the time indicator. Long queues of vehicles are forming on the highway carrying onions to the Gondal Yard. The onion-laden tempo then collided with a car coming out of the line to the side and the car caught fire and was gutted. The accident took place when a tractor full of onions overturned on a car. However, the driver's mansion was saved. Gondal firefighters rushed to the spot and put out the fire. Gondal police have reached the spot and are conducting an investigation.

Continuous negligence of the Highway Authority The
towers of lights on the highway from Gondal Bharudi Toll Plaza to Pithdia Toll Tax are in a state of overcrowding. Many people have also introduced it, but the stomach water of the Highway Authority officials is not moving.

Traffic problems at the time of
arrival of people in the yard Queues of vehicles are formed outside the yard at the time of arrival of any person in Gondal Marketyard, as a result of which some haphazard vehicles get stuck on the highway naear the yard. As a result, long traffic jams, emergency vehicles are also getting stuck. There is a demand among the people that traffic-police be kept at the time of arrival of people in the yard.

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