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Data leaked from crypto exchange and wallet BuyUcoin, data of 3.25 lakh Indian users on the Dark Web

Data leak:

Once again, the data of Indian users has been leaked. The sensitive data of about 3.25 lakh users of Delhi-NCR based Global Cryptocurrency Exchange and Wallet, BuyUcoin has been leaked on the Dark Web, said cybersecurity expert Rajshekhar Rajharia. It includes user name, email, mobile number, encrypted password, user wallet details, order details, bank details, KYC details (PAN card, passport number) and deposit history information. That said, this is a very serious hack as financial, banking and KYC details have been leaked on the Dark Web.

The hacking was carried out by the ShinyHunters Group
. He said the hacking group is the work of Shinyhunters. Last summer, ShinyHunters released leaked data for free, said Victoria Kivilevich, an intelligence analyst at Banana Research.

Many big companies have been targeted by the ShinyHunters group.
Recently, ShinyHunters stole the data of 1.90 crore users from the free online photo editing site Pixlar. "These are the same hackers who leaked the data of BigBasket and Jaspa," Rajharia said. In November last year, more than 2 crore users of the online grocery store BigBasket were hacked and sold on the Dark Web for about Rs 30 lakh.

"Now these same hackers are asking for $ 10,000 in Bitcoin for the BigBasket database," Rajharia said. Databases of 3 companies are also being sold.

Data of digital payment gateway Jaspe was stolen
earlier this month Data was leaked from the server of Bangalore-based digital payments gateway Juspay. Hackers hacked about 3.5 million records with mask card data and card fingerprints. Rajahariya has revealed that the data of Clickindia, Checkbook and Wedmigood has also been hacked by the group. About 80 lakh users of Click India, 10 lakh users of Checkbook and about 13 lakh users of Wedmigood have been leaked.

BuyUcoin's Clarification-Users' Data Fully Secured
BuyUcoin said in its clarification that it received data breach information last year, but that it was only the data of 200 people. It has no sensitive data. We want to make it clear that no user will be harmed.

BuyUcoin was launched in July 2016. This is a crypto wallet and exchange platform. Digital assets like Bitcoin, Atherium, Ripple are traded here. The company claims to have more than 3.5 lakh customers.

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