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January 25, Tarot horoscope

Tarot horoscope:According to the THE SUN card on Monday, Pisces people will soon get along with people due to their fickle nature.

Find out what today will be like for you on Monday, January 25, according to Tarot Cards, from astrologer Pranita Deshmukh.


There will be success in the journey connected with work but you have to take care of your documents and health while traveling. Disputes between spouses will make it difficult to reach any decision related to the home today.

Career: - Try to complete the work on time.

Love: - Despite the stress in marriage, the relationship will not be affected.

Health: - Don't ignore shoulder and back ailments.

Auspicious color: - Yellow

Auspicious number: 2

  ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો 



You need to bring both restraint and discipline into your nature. Trying to control the situation today will be successful. Most of the work will be in your mind.

Career: - Face the difficulties associated with work with caution.

Love: - The relationship between you and your partner will be sweet.

Health: - Blood deficiency will cause discomfort due to blood related diseases.

Auspicious color: Orange

Auspicious number: 5



Confusion associated with work can be a hassle during the day. Traveling abroad can be difficult. Maintaining a balance between work and family will be a little difficult today.

Career: - Foreign-linked trade will grow.

Love: - Small troubles will grow between partners.

Health: - Mental restlessness and restlessness will be experienced.

Auspicious color: Red

Auspicious number: 1



The success you have had so far will bring you satisfaction. Yet the desire to do something new can make you anxious. Time and effort toward new work will gradually begin to bear fruit.

Career: - The right time to implement new plans related to work.

Love: - Love life will suddenly change.

Health: - The body needs to maintain a balance of vitamins and hormones.

Auspicious color: - Pink

Auspicious Number: - 5


Lion: 5 OF WANDS

Disagreements with family members can escalateTrying to solve the problems of others can ruin your reputation.

Career: - Conflicts can arise with coworkers.

Love: - Any decision you make will upset your partner.

Health: - There will be excitement and vitality in the body.

Auspicious color: - Blue

Auspicious Issue: - 7



You need to make sure that you do not make any mistakes in your work while speeding up. With your enthusiasm and speed today you will succeed in perpetuating your leadership forever.

Career: - You will be able to easily overcome the problems associated with work.

Love: - Your little talk can disappoint your partner.

Health: - There is a possibility of an accident.

Auspicious color: - Yellow

Auspicious Number: - 8


Libra: 4 OF CUPS

You can feel safe thinking about things that haven't happened yet. Don't make decisions related to the future by being a spirit minister. A family member may try to push you.

Career: - There will be dissatisfaction and frustration with your work.

Love: - Not talking to your partner can lead to some misunderstandings.

Health: - Health will be fine.

Auspicious color: Green

Auspicious number: 4


Scorpio: - 3 OF PENTACLES

Resolve family-related property or home disputes amicably. Together you can find solutions to the financial dilemmas and problems associated with the family.

Career: - Work related to construction will progress easily.

Love: - Financial problems can cause stress between partners.

Health: - Your lifestyle will gradually change.

Auspicious color: Orange

Auspicious number: 8



Even if you feel lonely, your grief will need the support of a family member or friend.

Career: - Money will not stop your work.

Love: - You will need the support of a partner in difficult times.

Health: - Disorders associated with the chest will give trouble.

Auspicious color: Green

Auspicious number: 9


Capricorn: THE STAR

You can decide what is right and what is wrong in life from your experience and thoughts. Don't try to impose your ideas on anyone else. Sudden increase in family responsibilities can cause you to lose your temper and balance.

Career: - You will be able to fulfill the different responsibilities associated with work properly.

Love: - Don't ignore your partner's mental needs.

Health: - Try to maintain balance in physical and mental health.

Auspicious color: - White

Auspicious number: 7


Aquarius: THE MOON

Disappointment in your nature will be a concern for your family. The success of someone else is not your failure and the success you get is not worth comparing with the success of someone else.

Career: - People associated with art try to present their work in a different way.

Love: - Focus on your personal life as well as your physical responsibilities.

Health: - Health related problems can make you anxious.

Auspicious color: - Yellow

Auspicious Number: - 6



Because of your fickle word nature you will get along with people soon and this nature will be suitable for you to get new opportunities for work.

Career: - You will start a new job with enthusiasm.

Love: - Spending time with a partner will give you pleasure.

Health: - Health will be fine and vigorous.

Auspicious color: Gray

Auspicious number: 3

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