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Rajkot traffic-police scuffle, Gondal driver fined for zebraline crossing, but memo contains Activa photo


The e-memo featured a photo of the Activa instead of a car.

Gondal's car is nowhere to be seen around Zebraline in the memo

Rajkot traffic police has been repeatedly issuing memos to Gondal drivers on Wednesday. Importantly, the memo is coming even though the drivers of Gondal have not come to Rajkot. Rajkot Traffic-Police has come up with another mess. Gondal's driver has been fined for zebraline crossing, but the memo includes a photo of Activa.

Kartikbhai Dudhatra, who lives in the Mahadev Wadi area of ​​Gondal and works as a government contractor, owns a Tata Nexa GJ-03-KH-1801. He has been sent a memo by the Rajkot Traffic Police on January 6 near KKV Chowk imposing a fine of Rs 500 for violating the zebra line, but inside the memo is printed a photo of Activa. Kartikbhai Dudhatra's car is nowhere to be seen around Zebraline.

Gondal was imposed 14 days before ektivacalakane E-Memo
Gondal hasamukhabhai labor market is small sari show Mahendrabhai living room and working on the street Udeshi gray colored dharasi Parekh has GJ03 KE 8312 Activa. Although he never took Activa to Rajkot, Rajkot traffic police on January 2 at 12 noon on Kuwadwa Road without wearing a helmet paid Rs. An e-memo was issued with a fine of Rs 500.

(Himanshu Purohit, Gondal)

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