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Snowfall breaks 10-year record in Jammu and Kashmir, second coldest night of the season in Rajasthan

Cold flash:

Snow froze on a tap outside a restaurant in the Achalgarh area of ​​Rajasthan.

Udaipur has also been cold for three days due to cold winds

After continuous snowfall in the mountainous states, the plains are feeling the chill. Snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir has broken a 10-year record. The temperature at the hill station Mount Abu in Rajasthan has reached minus 3 degrees. Udaipur has also been cold for three days due to cold winds. While in Madhya Pradesh, the weather has changed suddenly. It is raging in eight districts of the state, including Bhopal.

whole of Rajasthan is once again experiencing severe cold due to the cold snap in Rajasthan, Udaipur and Sirohi . Mercury reached 3.2 degrees in Udaipur and minus 3 degrees in Mount Abu. The minimum temperature has dropped by 8.4 degrees in the last four days. Since then the mercury has now reached 2.6 degrees Celsius. Last night was the first coldest night of the year in Rajasthan and the second coldest of the season. Earlier, on December 29, the night temperature was 2.4 degrees.

This picture is of snow on the roof of a car in Keshavnagar, Udaipur.

Amritsar and Bathinda nights coldest in
Punjab A few days ago, Amritsar and Bathinda nights were the coldest in Punjab. Dense fog can be relieved in the next few days. The cold is unlikely to subside, however. The meteorological department has forecast drizzle between February 1 and 2.

Kashmir reaches minus 11 degrees Celsius
Snowfall continues in Jammu and Kashmir. The temperature here has reached minus 11 degrees Celsius. However, despite the extreme cold, more than a thousand tourists are coming here every day. People from all over the country are flocking here.

BSF men are on duty at LOC in Kashmir amid heavy snow.

The lowest temperature of the season in Madhya Pradesh, with cold winds blowing in 8 districts including Bhopal,
is set to end in January. However, it is getting colder in Madhya Pradesh now. Apart from Indore, Bhopal has been cold for the last two days. The minimum temperature here has dropped to 8 degrees. Cold winds have increased the difficulty. Temperatures have dropped due to dry air coming from north India. January, however, recorded a low of 5 degrees Celsius. Apart from this, the day was also very cold in 14 districts of the state. Night temperature below 10 degrees Celsius was recorded at all places except Narsinghpur and Sivani.

Wednesday was the coldest day of January in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. This caused the snow to freeze on the crop.

In Indore, on the hill of Devguradia, a view of Sinduri evening was seen.

Clouds covered the mountains as the mercury reached 3.4 degrees at night in Raisen.

Northwest winds will increase in
Haryana Cold Haryana has witnessed a drop in minimum temperature due to icy winds due to northwest winds . A few days ago, the minimum temperature was recorded at 4.6 degrees in Panipat and 3 degrees in Hisar. Cold winds will continue to blow until January 29, according to the weather department. There will be fog in the morning and evening. Daytime temperatures may rise slightly.

maximum temperature in Bihar has dropped to 6 to 11 degrees Celsius from normal a few days ago due to dense fog. Gaya, Supol and Darbhanga and Patna are experiencing severe cold. There is no chance of relief from the cold for the next three days. According to the meteorological center Patna, westerly winds are weakening. This will make the fog even thicker, while the cold will remain.

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