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The cry of the innocent:'Sir, will you give me something to eat'? After the bulldozer of Tantra returned, 40 children are now in the cold of 15 degrees

The children were forced to tie clothes on the road and live, the family waiting for someone to come and give them something
If any of the children come, tell me, sir, what do you want to eat? The father cannot give any answer to the children

Every day on the TV screen or in the newspaper, it is known that the cold will increase in the state and the temperature will decrease. But in this bitter cold, there are innocent children who do not have a roof over their head and there is no wall in the house to stop the cold. They are just spending the night at 15 degrees in a bar made of hunger and clothes. Tantra had recently turned a bulldozer on his home. Divya Bhaskar has tried to know his condition.

In the cold of 15 degrees, families are starving and spending the night in a bar made of clothes

Parents build a house of sheets to protect their children from the cold. Every
morning when you leave home, you reach home with your family before it gets cold in the evening and you know the stories of the whole world on TV. But near Ahmedabad's Riverfront and Rifle Club, 100 people are waiting for the night to end soon. There are also 40 small children in these 100 people whose parents have tried to protect them from the cold by tying a sheet of cloth.

The family wrapped a sheet around the bed on the road and made it look like home

The system turned the bulldozers on the houses and people came on the road. On
Wednesday night, people were in their homes in a temperature of 15 degrees. At this time Divyabhaskar visited the slum dwellers in Khanpur area. Here two days ago the system turned bulldozers on houses and people came on the road. They are spending days in the bitter cold. They hope that they will get help from their children to live somewhere but there is no one to listen to them.

The condition of people living in slums in Khanpur area is bad

There is only one time to eat.
On Wednesday night, the parents did not have a house to protect the children from the cold, so they have made a house by tying a sheet around the bed on the road where the cold has not stopped but has persuaded the children. The children and the parents are hungry, they can only get food at the same time, so if anyone goes here, the children surround them and say, sir, they will get something to eat.

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