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Hello friends, how are you and today is a very good and important day. January 26 is the day for you to summarize all the letters from A to B.

Friends, you will find all the news of 26th January here and all the news of PM Modi here in this web code and save this and you will get the work information from this web code and it will also come in handy.

India held King George VI as head of state until its progress to full republican and Constitution of India 1950 supplanted the territory prefix, Dominion of India with the establishment of the sovereign law Constitution of India. India achieved freedom following the Independence Movement noted for to a great extent peaceful obstruction and common defiance.

[1] The whole occasion is communicated by Doordarshan, India's national supporter, and typically starts with the shehnai music of Ustad Bismillah Khan.

Autonomy Day is watched all through India with banner raising services, marches and social occasions. It is a national occasion

Following the First War of Independence of 1857, the Government of India Act 1858 drove the British Crown to expect direct control of India. In the decades following, urban culture step by step rose across India, most outstandingly the Indian National Congress Party, shaped in 1885.

 The heightening political pressure was topped by Independence in 1947. The celebration was tempered by the ridiculous parcel of the subcontinent into India and Pakistan

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