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Tractor rally in Delhi tense LIVE

Thousands of farmers broke through barricades and reached Delhi, scuffles with police in many places; Spent the night in the chilling cold.

Farmers protesting the new agricultural law have staged a tractor rally today. Farmers from Ghazipur Border, Tikri Border and Indus Border have left for Delhi. 

Many farmers are marching with tractors while many farmers are marching on foot. On Tuesday morning, the farmers broke the barricades on the Indus border and left for Delhi. Police have since removed barricades from several places. Earlier on Monday night, thousands of farmers had reached the three borders. Farmers spent the night in tractors in the freezing cold.

Farmers moved barricades set up near Lala Fort. Meanwhile, a scuffle broke out between the farmer and the police.

A farmer has died near Delhi ITO. According to the police, the farmer died when the tractor overturned.

Police personnel have been sitting on the road in Nangloi, Delhi to block the way of farmers. It involves a large number of women soldiers.

The barricade set up near Nangloi in Delhi to stop farmers has also been demolished.

The convoy of farmers has now reached Delhi. They have reached Lal Killa Bhavan with their tractor.

Farmers tried to break the barricade near Ghazipur border. Police then fired tear gas shells. However the farmers did not stop.

A farmer is among the protesters trying to break through a barricade near Akshardham in Delhi.

Farmers from Ghazipur border are moving from Indraprastha Park to India Gate. The fleet of tractors is 20 km long.

The picture is of Nagloi beyond the Tikri border. Thousands of farmers are leaving for Delhi. Meanwhile the police are trying to stop.

In Swaroop Nagar, Delhi, people greeted the farmer by showering flowers on him. This place is about 14 kilometers from the Indus border.

Farmers pelted stones at police in Pandavanagar, Noida. Some carriages are also broken. Police then fired tear gas shells.

A farmer tries to break down barricades set up by the police near Pandavanagar, a short distance from the Ghazipur border.

The picture is of the Indus Border on Tuesday morning. The farmers removed the containers and barricades by tying them to their tractors.

The picture is of Tikri Border. A large number of farmers have arrived. Currently the police have opened barricades.

A large number of farmers are marching across the Tikri border to join the tractor parade.

The picture is of the Indus border. When the farmers started removing the barricades on Tuesday morning, the police themselves started removing the barricades from the crane.

Kanwar Gravel, a popular singer of the peasant movement, is with a large number of farmers from the Indus Border, appealing to the people to exercise restraint.

From Monday evening, farmers started coming to Delhi from different parts of the country, including Punjab and Haryana, for the tractor parade.

The farmers involved in the agitation had made their own tractor a bed and spent the night in the cold.

Before the tractor parade, a farmer is getting ready after seeing his face in the tractor.

Farmers spent the whole night on the road taking the tractor parade. He warmed up to escape the bitter cold.

The picture is of Ghazipur border. Farmers are preparing food for themselves late at night before leaving for Delhi.

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