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Vodafone-Idea loses 28.9 lakh subscribers Airtel manages to increase the number of new subscribers, with 43.7 lakh new subscribers joining Airtel in November.

Bharti Airtel has overtaken Geo for the fourth consecutive month in November to increase the number of new customers. The number of Vodafone Idea, BSNL and MTNL subscribers has declined this month.

The math of new users

According to figures released by telecom regulator TARI on Thursday, Airtel had the highest number of 43.7 lakh new subscribers in November, while the company had a total user base of 33.456 crore. Reliance Jio attracted 19.3 lakh new customers this month, bringing the company's total userbase to 40.829 crore.
In contrast, Vodafone Idea lost 28.9 lakh users at the end of November, bringing the company's user base to 28.994 crore. Apart from this, MTNL has lost 6016 users while BSNL has acquired 556 new users.

Geo tops in terms of market share

Although Airtel is leading in increasing the number of new subscribers, Geo is India's largest telecom company with a market share of 35.34% while Airtel has a market share of 28.97%.
According to TRAI, Vodafone-Idea has a market share of 25.10% while BSNL and MTNL have a market share of 10.3% and 0.3% respectively. As of November 30, 2020, private companies held 89.41% market share, while BSNL and MTNL had a total market share of 10.6%.

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Reliance Jio's active user base is less than that of Airtel and Vodafone-Idea, despite having the largest market share in the mobile network less than Jio's active subscribers Airtel. Geo had an active user base of 79.55% while Airtel and Vodafone-Idea had an active user base of 89.01% and 96.63% respectively.

The total subscribers of telecom companies in India are 115.520 crore.
According to TRAI, the total subscribers of telecom companies in India have increased from 115.181 crore in October 2020 to 115.520 crore by the end of November 2020. It is showing a monthly growth of 0.29%. It has 63.04 crore customers in urban areas and 52.48 crore in rural areas.

53,641 crore, they changed their operators
in West Bengal, Rajasthan, Delhi, Jammu seen an increase in the number of customers in all states except Jammu and Kashmir and Mumbai in November. Madhya Pradesh saw a maximum growth of 1% in user base. In November, 68.1 lakh customers sent requests for MNP (Mobile Number Portability). Total MNP requests increased from 52.960 crore by the end of October to 53.641 crore by the end of November.

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