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24-year-old girl in US sets world record for largest drawing with black marker

Creativity message:

A drawing teacher in the city of Philadelphia in the US state of Pennsylvania has set a world record for drawing the world's largest picture. Diamond Whipper Young, 24, created the drawing in an area of ​​6450 square feet in 63 hours. The previous record for drawing in 6100 square feet was held by an Italian artist. He created the drawing in 2020. Diamond painting is on display. This art can be seen by anyone and children can also take painting ideas from it.

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"We all have creativity inside," Diamond said on the world record. With the help of this drawing I want to give a message to everyone to bring out their creativity. Diamond created the drawing at the Mendel Center of the Franklin Institute in the city. He had finished drawing on January 15, but his news slowly spread.

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In addition to his drawings, other arts are also on display at the institute. "Our goal is to show the world the creativity of everyone and give them a platform," said Larry Dubinski, CEO of Franklin.

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