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Accounts will now be blocked on the use of abusive language, the company began targeting such personal accounts worldwide

Instagram's toughness:

Instagram is now going to take a tougher stance for private direct messages (DMs). The company has started blocking users who frequently use abusive language. The company said that if any user breaks the rules, the facility of sending messages from his account will be stopped.

Instagram said that if a user continues to send messages in the wrong language, his account will be blocked. The company is blocking accounts that only want to send direct messages to other users. The company has started targeting such personal accounts worldwide.

company has released a new update following an online scandal involving a footballer in Britain. The company said that we will not allow this to happen on Instagram. "People tag people in the message they don't even know," the company said. So users can also decide who can tag them.

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Action was also taken
in July last year, between July and September last year, 6.5 million (65 lakh) abusive language messages were processed on Instagram. All these messages were direct messages. The company says that direct messaging is used for a user. It does not run the risk of spreading hatred.

Direct message feature launched in
October In October last year, Facebook launched Instagram messaging on the Facebook Messenger platform. It also allows users to access the Messenger app. In the same way, users of Instagram direct messages can also send messages through Facebook Messenger.

Twitter also banned users.
Recently, Twitter has also been seen taking such action. Twitter is working to block accounts inciting violence. Earlier, supporters of former US President Donald Trump used Twitter to spread violence. So even during the peasant movement in India, many accounts have been blocked that were helping to spread violence.

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