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Agriculture or Animal Husbandry Uni. And purchase of agricultural land for educational purposes does not require the approval of the Collector,

 Decision of the State Government: Agriculture or Animal Husbandry Uni.  And purchase of agricultural land for educational purposes does not require the approval of the Collector, amendment in Ganot law

No prior permission of the Collector is required to purchase agricultural land for Agriculture-Animal Husbandry Uni., Medical-Engineering Colleges or other educational purposes.

Project work can be started within the stipulated time by informing the District Collector within one month after purchasing the land and obtaining the required certificates.

Land may be sold for other purposes if it is not possible to use it for industrial purposes

The Gujarat government today made significant revenue amendments to the Ganot laws regarding land purchase.  As per the decision of the state cabinet, prior permission or approval of the district collector is not required for the purchase of agricultural land for agricultural universities, animal husbandry universities, medical colleges, engineering colleges or other educational purposes in the entire state.  

Before this, the approval of the collector had to be sought

The new system will now put an end to the problem of long delays in title clearance, inspection, etc. and delays in starting the project as non-farmer organizations or individuals have to get approval from the District Collector for purchasing such land in the past.

Land can be sold at such a jantri price for purposes other than industry

In case of purchase of land for bona fide industrial purposes in the state, but the use of industrial purpose is not possible, land can also be sold for non-industrial purpose as per the provisions of GDCR (General Development Control Regulations).  Such land can be sold at a fixed price of 100 per cent, 60 percent for 5 to 7 years, 30 percent for 7 to 10 years, and 25 percent for 10 years after the prevailing jantri.

Transferred land will not be considered a sale

  In these transactions, only 10% of the jantri can be transferred by paying the price-premium.

Debt Recovery-Debt Recovery, NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal), Liquidator or Financial Institutions in the auction of such land buyers will have to pay only 10% of the jantri premium within 60 days of the auction order.

Opened a new direction of holistic development in the state

While Gujarat has become a hub for medical-engineering and vocational education sector as well as super specialty hospitals, the Chief Minister has 
to make land easily available for agriculture, animal husbandry university as well as medical-engineering education and other educational purposes.

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Efficient use of fallow lands will be possible

  As well as new opportunities for development-employment will get a new direction.

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