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Black markets active outside Motera Stadium, 300 tickets to 500, take a ticket and sit anywhere, no checks, decide soon

DB sting: 

Tickets are sold at a higher price by agents just outside the stadium

Today is the second day of the India-England Test series at Motera Stadium. Crowds of people have gathered outside the stadium just before the countdown to the match. At present, offline ticket sales at the stadium are closed and only online tickets are available, in which one has to walk away from the stadium to get a ticket even after taking the ticket online. Then the black marketeers have taken advantage of this situation and sold a ticket of Rs 300 for Rs 500.

Take a ticket worth Rs. 300, then sit anywhere.
Just outside the Motera Stadium, a sting operation has been carried out by Divyabhaskar, in which tickets are being sold in black near Gate No. 1 of the stadium. A man by the name of Bunty asked for a ticket and said it was a 300 ticket, which he would get for Rs.500. Right now you sit in the 300s and once you go inside, you can sit anywhere, judge. After going to the stadium, keep going down, there is no checking anywhere, so this person also shows 2 tickets and later says that it is 2, but if you want another, you will get it, you decide soon.

After going to the stadium, keep going down; Nowhere is checking done.

Staying at the entrance of the
stadium, many people come with enthusiasm to watch the match and the stadium as the match starts long after the black market of tickets at Motera Stadium. Not just one person, but another person is black-marketing tickets outside the stadium. There is a tight police cordon just 1 km from the entrance to the stadium. In addition to the police, private security has also been set up at the gate of the stadium, but in this way, tickets are black marketed by staying at the entrance of the stadium.

Difficulty finding parking due to lack of directions
On the first day of the first match at the Narendra Modi Stadium, there was a huge commotion. People had to drive for hours to find parking as no arrows were placed on the road to reach the parking plot. After parking the vehicle and walking one and a half kilometers to reach the stadium, one had to stand in a line of 1 kilometer to take entry inside. Despite having so many police inside and outside the stadium, people were seen without masks and social distance was not maintained. Vehicle parking was set up in 23 plots around the stadium for spectators to watch the match, but the map of which parking lot was not shown in the match ticket or parking ticket and no arrows were placed on the way to the parking lot, causing drivers to drive. Were.

The spectators were not allowed to take anything to eat or drink in the stadium.

spectators were not allowed to take anything to eat and drink at the Narendra Modi Stadium, which was taken full advantage of by the stallholders. A glass of water was sold for Rs 10, a glass of buttermilk for Rs 30, a head for Rs 40 and a samosa for Rs 30, while a 500 ml bottle of water was sold for Rs 50. However, at 7 pm, the water bottles were missing.

Inside the stadium, 50 stalls of Amul Parlor were set up to sell water bottles and buttermilk. Although initially a 500 ml bottle of water which is available at Rs 10 outside was sold at Rs 50, while a glass of buttermilk was sold at Rs 30, but due to the heat, people sold more water bottles and lost it at 7 pm. He then started selling a glass of water for Rs. The price of a glass of buttermilk was also increased to Rs 40. Many spectators were forced to buy food at high prices.

The seating capacity in the hoardings outside the stadium has been increased to 1 lakh 32 thousand.

200 for pizza, Rs. 100 for burgers

Eat - drinkPrice (in Rupees )
1 glass of water10
A glass of buttermilk40
Water bottle50
Head 2 nos80
Samosas 2 nos60
Small pizza230

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