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Check Gram panchayat Work Report Online

Hello friends, today I have come to Ali with information about the work for you and below is the information and share more and more and below is the step by step information. 

Today we are going to show you a connection to an administration site (gov. in) that you can make significant commitments to your town, your road, and our nation's improvement. (This information is totally standard) If you feel an abnormality, you can guide your protest to people in general in the middle.

Presently we as a whole should be alert and others have to do it as well. All the data is right now accessible on the administration site on the web. We simply need to peruse and know it. On the off chance that solitary 5-6 individuals in each town advise this data to the individuals in their town, at that point 70% of the debasement will be diminished.

Step:1 Open Below Website

Step 2.You can select the language according to your convenience. Right now here is the option of English, Hindi and Punjabi. See the image

Step 3. Then you can select the language. Right now here is the option of English, Hindi and Punjabi. You can see in the picture.

Step 4. Click here for your plan year here. (According to the picture)
For example, if you want to know how many rupees came from the government in 2015-16, then you choose 2015-16 option. Then click on the name of the state you will be asked.

Step 5. After selecting the state, you will be given the option named 'Plan Unit Type'. Choose GRAM PANCHYAT option.

Step 6. Then you will be asked if you are in the district panchayat, then you will choose your district name.

Step 7. After selecting the district panchayat, select the name of the district panchayat or block.

Step 8. After the district panchayat, you will be asked the name of the village panchayat.

Step 9. Then you click on GET REPORT.

Friends, you will find a lot of such information from this website and such information will be updated daily and share more and more and you will find news and job and government scheme information here and you will find work news and information here.

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