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Corona cases cross 400 after 33 days, curfew may increase again in Gujarat

 Rallies fall heavily / Corona cases cross 400 after 33 days, curfew may increase again in Gujarat

 Coronavirus infection is growing at a rapid and alarming rate in the aftermath of the lockdown to prevent this deadly infection. Corona has become uncontrollable in Gujarat. On February 25, more than 400 new cases were reported. The number of cases of corona virus in Gujarat has again increased at an alarming rate. In Gujarat, after 33 days, more than 400 new cases have been reported. In Gujarat, 424 new cases were reported on Thursday. With this, the total number of Koro infections in Gujarat has increased to 2,68,571 lakh.

Gujarat corona

The number of active cases of corona in the state increased to 1,991

Today, 1 patient died in Ahmedabad due to coronavirus infection in the state. The total death toll of corona in the state so far is 4,408. Not a single new case of corona infection has been reported in 7 districts in Gujarat today. These include Banaskantha, Chhota Udepur, Dang, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Patan, Porbandar and Tapi districts.

 The number of active cases of corona in the state has also increased to 1,991, which means that under such treatment, 35 patients are currently on ventilator and 301 corona patients have been discharged from the hospital after treatment. So far, the number of corona-free patients in the state has crossed 2.62 lakh. The recovery rate of corona in the state has increased to 97.62 per cent.

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More than 16,000 Corona cases were filed in 24 hours

Corona cases have risen again in the country. More than 16,000 Corona cases have come up in 24 hours after a month and a half. So in 24 hours 138 people died in the country. 16 thousand 738 new cases were reported in 24 hours. With this, the number of corona cases in the country has increased to 10 lakh 46 thousand 914. Corona has killed 56,705 people in the country. Corona cases are on the rise in Maharashtra. Here in 24 hours, about 8 thousand new cases came up. After which the number of corona cases in Maharashtra has increased to 21 lakh 21 thousand. The rise in corona cases in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh, including Maharashtra, has raised concerns among the Uddhav government.

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maharashtra corona

Cases are on the rise in Maharashtra

The second wave of corona has started in Maharashtra. Four teachers, including 190 students, have contracted corona at a hostel in Dewang in Washim district. Students at the Ashram School in Dewang stay in hostels to study. All these students were coming from different areas of Amravati district. All the students who reported positive have been shifted for treatment. On the other hand, the government's concern has been heightened by the rising number of Corona cases in Maharashtra. Here in one day 8 thousand 807 new cases have come up. Which is the highest since the month of October. In addition, about 80 patients have died from corona in 24 hours. Corona cases have once again increased in Mumbai, including Vidarbha in Maharashtra. So the government is now imposing strict control again.

Advanced Entertainment Zone in Ahmedabad

With the completion of the municipal elections in Ahmedabad, Corona has once again hit the city. Microcontention zones also grew as corona cases increased in the city. As per the information received, so far 152 houses in Ahmedabad have been included in the micro containment zone. The Corona has once again raised its head in the eastern and posh areas of the city. The area of ​​Shubham Sky, Gota Science City in Bodakdev of the city has been placed in the micro containment zone. Corona's case escalation mechanism has also come into action mode.

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