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Corona causes mothers to be more stressed than usual, learn 12 ways to help them

Mothers need emotional support:

Corona has affected people all over the world. Some people have been less affected by the corona while others have been seriously affected. 

However, Corana has had the most serious impact on mothers ’lives. Mothers in the Corona period have been more anxious than usual. They have the biggest responsibility to protect children. So today they need the most support. At the same time, they should get exemption and paid leave from the government.

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 American experts say that women who become mothers need mental and physical support. For that, society and industry have to come forward. People can help mothers individually.

The employer can help The employer can help the
women performing the duty of mother by giving them many facilities. There are many women who have proven to be very productive at work from home, says Professor Betsy Stevenson at McKinnon University. Companies have many such options. 

There are 2 benefits to supporting them during this period. A woman will be able to perform her mother's duty well and at the same time prove to be the best employee.

How can the government help?

The government may offer more flexibility in its policy to help mothers. India currently offers 6 months of pregnancy leave, while the United States has 16 months of leave. According to experts, the government should help pregnant women or their children under the age of 2 around the world.

You can also help personally

According to experts, mothers need all the social support. Everyone's role as an individual becomes important in social support. Be it a neighbor, an office co-worker or a family member. You can be in the role of any of these people.

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