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Girls Voice Changer : Boy to Girl Voice Changer


Girl’s voice changer lets you hear your voice in various kinds of girls' tones.

Hello friends how are you and today I have brought a fun app and below is its information and also its link and below is the step-by-step information in the area?

Share more and more is a fun app and the term will be fun.

Record your voice by using Girl Voice Changer app and listen to your sound in a girl’s voice. It is very simple to use this female voice changer app to generate girl’s voices with fantastic and funny effects.

Girl Voice Changer is a funny app to change your voice into a different girl tone. 

Various Types of voices featured are:

• Young Lady
• Small Baby
• 3 years Baby
• 10 Years girl
• 16 Years girl
• 21 Years girl
• 35 Years Lady
• Old Women
• High Pitch Toned girl
• Low Pitch Toned Girl

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