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GSEB SSC Science Best Book for Preparation

To undertake and ease the tremendous pressure which is being placed on academia immediately, Springer Nature has made a variety of essential textbooks from all disciplines freely available to assist support students and instructors worldwide.

 You and your students are now ready to access quite 500 key textbooks across Springer Nature’s eBook collection, including English and German titles, through a minimum of the top of July. you'll download the books from the list of titles we've made available to read on your computer or mobile device. 

American Institute of Physics (AIP)

AIP Publishing has identified a set of research articles relevant to infectious diseases, epidemics, computational epidemiology, and pandemics, and made them liberal to read.

ANSI Standards

The standards are accessible in read-only format at no cost during the crisis; additional standards could also be added within the future.

Association of University Presses

The UP Social Distancing Collaboration are often found online at

This site collects and organizes for straightforward browsing and reference:

Get Informed: A reading list of quite 150 suggested books, articles, collections, and other resources that provide relevant information about public health, pandemics, epidemiology, and more to assist understand our current global crisis.

Open UP: A compilation of data about book and journal content from AUPresses members that has been made available via free or open access, especially for educators and students now engaged in remote teaching and learning. This list cites availability, within given timeframes, of works from many publishers.

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