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In the 4 weeks after delivery the mother should take a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, find out what the recovery and diet chart should look like

Health Tips for Mothers: 

On the first day of 2021, 60 thousand children were born in the country. According to statista, India has the highest number of deliveries in January-February. Out of the total number of children born in the country every year, 22 per cent are born between January and March. This trend has been seen for the last 5 years. Keeping mothers and babies healthy during the cold season is also a challenge. Learn what a mother's diet and recovery chart should look like after delivery.

According to Rita Gupta, a gynecologist in Lucknow, a month after delivery is very fragile for the mother. At this time they also need to be physically and mentally fit. If the mother is healthy then the child will also be healthy. The mother should not leave the bed for the next 24 hours after delivery. The body should not be stressed for 7 days.

Why is the next 30 days important?
According to Dr. Rita, the mother is bleeding profusely during delivery. In addition, when a mother gives birth to a child in the womb for 9 months, it also becomes very weak physically. At this time the mother needs to pay more attention to her eating and drinking. He should eat foods that are rich in nutrients.

To increase the amount of WBC (white blood cells) in the mother's body, she should eat dried fruits. Although heavy foods should be avoided, light and vitamin-rich foods should be eaten. It is also important to eat calcium rich foods along with iron, vitamins A, B, C, D and K.

What should be the recovery chart for 4 weeks after delivery:

What should a mother's diet chart look like after delivery?
According to experts, breastfeeding will provide babies with the nutrients they need when the mother's diet is good. So the mother is required to drink fruits, dried fruits, lentils, green leafy vegetables and juices for 4 weeks after delivery.

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