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In Surat, 3 youths started a startup after seeing people sitting on the sidewalk and enjoying the taste of food.

Today's Positive Story:

The beginning of three young men, including two young men who took a course in hotel management
The big box startup will be expanded to other cities after success

There is no set formula for success, but young people with new ideas and the courage to do something different are starting a startup in their respective fields and gaining both a name and a price. Then in Surat also 3 youths have started a startup called Bada Baksa in accordance with Surati culture, in which they have started giving food on the sidewalk in half an hour to the citizens who sit with their family on the sidewalk including highway, peopleload and enjoy Surati taste. The service, started by three young men with a hotel management student starting with an investment of Rs 8 lakh to Rs 1 lakh, is being welcomed by the people as four people can eat from a big box with enough food, water, disposable dishes and hand sanitizer. As the youth startup has grown, so has the business of about three lakh rupees in the first month of its launch. Currently 20 people are getting employment through startups.

The startup, which was started recently, is getting good response from the people.

Akash and Shivam, 2 youths from Navsari village who have studied Masters in Hospitality Management, started the startup after seeing people eating on the sidewalk . In Surat, along with the lari culture, the idea of ​​doing something new came from the tradition of the citizens sitting on the sidewalk and eating. The duo took the idea forward with their Surat friend Vishwa and started a startup. Every Saturday and Sunday, metropolitan families like Surat get an option to have a petticoat box and a plate, spoon, water bottle, mask and wet tissue for hand washing along with the meal. He has named this option Big Box.

People who order meals with the family get meals with timely facilities.

Shivam Desai said that this big box is nothing but an option of food for the families who enjoy eating on the sidewalk , but also an option of food for the families, with which they can sit on the sidewalk and have fun on the mat like the original Surati. Eating at home and watching a movie or a match on TV can be fun. The big box means everything has arrived, so the women of the house don't even have to worry about washing the dishes and yes, if everyone is gathered at a farm house party or on the weekend, just counting how many big boxes are required is a party.

The startup, which started with three friends, employs 20 people.

He hired specialist chef for each type of kyusina
so that the first Shivam Desai said the startups and big box Gandhi heavens we do not have any kind of compromise food quality. The other important thing is that there is a specialist chef for each type of cuisine. So as to get the best taste. The third and fourth important thing that is making the big box the first venture venture in its segment.

The startup is moving forward with proper planning and people’s need.

The box is made eco-friendly. The
whole big box is eco-friendly , meaning that all the materials used in it are made from a special type of paper. Plastic is not used at all. Not only that, but all the food items that we are giving in the packing are oven proof, i.e. they can be heated directly by placing them in the oven. The main reason for offering big boxes with so many facilities to 4 people for only Rs. 999 is that people can get very convenient food items at a very reasonable price.

The startup will be expanded to other areas in the near future.

To insist on quality food
offer startup Food Varieties of the sky than to talk about the big box under the 7 to 8 different options, which may include Punjabi, Punjabi-Chinese, but the Chinese and mixed box of Italian and Mexican. Family members of 4 persons or 4 friends will be able to enjoy different types of quality food at a nominal price starting from just Rs. So he doesn't have to make any arrangements except to enjoy a kitty party, a family party or a treat.

People get food as well as items including water and masks.

Order to sit on the sidewalk and order food in 30 minutes
, said Shivam Desai. With the success of Bada Baxa, these three young brigades are also preparing to launch innovative food boxes like Surati Special Munching Special and Starter Baxa to Surat. When sitting on the sidewalk the order is delivered in just 30 minutes.

All three friends also encourage startups.

Surationo are getting with
visvae about getting a big success in Baksa said that we still start. We are getting the love of Suratis from the very beginning. We also want to cover other areas of Surat in the near future. Considering the needs and demands of the people, the expansion is being considered in other cities as well, which is likely to materialize soon.

Order can be made from the website
Shivambhai Desai said that food can be ordered by ordering from the big box website. Also, orders are taken from Zomato. Details are also provided from the mobile number for inquiry. Also a Q code has been placed on the box. Based on which people can give food and service related reviews by scanning.

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