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Jyoti CNC's Parakram Singh Jadeja to launch new ventilator after re-research

The same work as the name: 

Together with its German subsidiary will soon launch R&D
There has been constant controversy over the last few months over the blower ventilator
Due to his hobby of sports, he did not take the 12th exam to participate in the chess competition
Pradhan Mantri started the company by taking a loan from the scheme, today Rs. 800 crore turnover

In March 2020, many countries in Europe including France, Italy, Germany, England came under the control of Corona. Hospitals were overflowing with corona patients and there was also a severe shortage of ventilators in many countries. This state of the world was also being discussed in Rajkot, a small town in Gujarat, India. Corona had arrived in India and doctors, social organizations and people from the industry were talking about what to do if the situation worsens in Rajkot to discuss how to deal with it if a serious situation arises. Parakram Singh Jadeja of Jyoti CNC Automation Limited, which manufactures CNC machines, was also present at the meeting, which was held on March 20 at the Swaminarayan Temple under the leadership of Apoorva Muni. No mask was willing to take responsibility for a PPE kit.

A doctor present at the meeting expressed concern that if the condition worsens, we too will face a shortage of ventilators. We have to take concrete steps in this regard. Hearing this, Parakram Singh immediately said that we are technical people, if one can explain how to make a ventilator, Jyoti will make a CNC ventilator, and also made one. This ventilator was named 'Blow'. So far, more than 5000 'blower' ventilators have been provided to government and private hospitals.

It is said that there are hundreds of obstacles to good work. The same thing happened with Dhamman. Hospitals caught fire and unfortunately some patients lost their lives. Preliminary investigations revealed that in some cases the fire was caused by a blower ventilator. Opponents wanted just that, and they questioned the reliability of the ventilator. Such people continued to slander the company and the ventilator. Even in the midst of this controversy, Parakram Singh is doing his job without being distracted. He had a detailed telephonic discussion with Divya Bhaskar about Dhaman, the controversy with him and the matters to be taken forward now as well as his personal life.

Divya Bhaskar: How did you come up with the idea of ​​making a ventilator?
Parakram Singh: One of our companies is in France and there was a lockdown on March 17. At that time the situation there was so bad that there was no space in the hospitals, there was a shortage of ventilators. When Pandemic started, all the different industry associations and NGOs in Rajkot gathered under the leadership of Apurva Muni Swami of Swaminarayan Mandir in Rajkot and discussed what can we do in the current situation? Someone from the audience talked about PPE kit, someone took responsibility for the mask. The IMA doctors were also present at the meeting and said that there was a severe shortage of ventilators and they would be needed. That’s when we showed up ready to make a ventilator.

Parakram Singh Jadeja, founder of Jyoti CNC Automation Limited.

Divya Bhaskar: Did you design the ventilator yourself?
Parakram Singh: When this discussion was going on, we said that mechanical engineering is our area. We asked the doctors to guide us if you know anything about this ventilator, so the IMA team suggested the name of one of their service engineers who works in imported medical machinery. We talked to him and invited him to come to Rajkot from Ahmedabad. This is how we started looking at ventilators and then started making ventilators according to their guidance.

Divya Bhaskar: After so many controversies, will you continue making ventilators or will you stop?
Parakram Singh: Medical is not our area but people including Siemens, GE who make medical equipment are our customers. We started this as a social activity but misinterpreted it and some people did what they had to do for their own benefit and then everyone knows the controversy that went on. But we take this as a challenge from them. We have decided to continue building the bellows and show off by producing world class Lewal.

Parakram Singh Jadeja with daughter Prarthana and wife Rajshree.

Divya Bhaskar: So how do you proceed now?
Parakram Singh: So far it has been that we have built ventilators according to the way doctors and people in the medical field have guided us. Now we are doing technological development in our own way. We are moving forward with a professional approach. We are currently conducting research and development (R&D) to create high-end ventilators and also hiring experts in the medical field.

Divya Bhaskar: How did you feel when there was a controversy? How did you hear yourself in this situation?
Parakram Singh: We started all this with good intentions. What happened when the controversy arose? But at the end of the day whatever we do for our self-satisfaction should not matter what people say. This has benefited thousands of people and everyone has seen it. We don't want to proclaim it. We did not even respond to those who accused us. I listen to Osho and read his books whenever there is a feeling of despair around or in my mind. This way the mind stays calm.

Divya Bhaskar: Your passion for sports is well known ...
Parakram Singh: I didn't even take the standard 12 exam to play chess. I was selected at the national level and then there were two choices either to play or to take the exam. I chose to play and then never thought of studying further. Started a business and grew up playing. Jyoti CNC promotes and sponsors many games played in Rajkot, Saurashtra or Gujarat. Our main and only corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity is sports.

Parakram Singh Jadeja playing cricket at one of Jyoti's events.

Divya Bhaskar: How did the company start? How has the journey been so far?
Parakram Singh:I have studied at Virani School in Rajkot. The school also provided mechanical and technical education in 8th standard. And I was very interested in that too. Under the Pradhan Mantri Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, I started the company in 1989 for Rs. 33,000 financial assistance was received. My younger sister's name is Jyoti and I started the company from her name and started doing job work on lathe machine. This way the parts were moving forward slowly and then the sub assembly was made and supplied. Until 1998-99 we were manufacturing conventional lathe machines and related parts. It was around this time that the death toll of computers came to India and at that time it was thought that there would be no machine without computers and that is why we started making CNC machines in 1999. In the first year when the company was started, Rs. The turnover was 12000 and today it is Rs. 800 crore turnover.

Divya Bhaskar: Where do you want to take Jyoti forward as a company?
Parakram Singh: Today we are in the top 3 manufacturers in India. Now the camp is to reach the first rank. Bangalore is becoming a park for CNC manufacturers. There are also plans to start a manufacturing unit in the future. However, it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Parakram Singh with daughter prayer.

Divya Bhaskar: In the midst of so much busyness, do you meet school and June friends?

 ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો 

Parakram Singh: I am busy with work but I still meet my school friends as well as my childhood friends. We meet June friends of Virani School every Gurupurnima day. We lived in Laxmiwadi area. June friends also meet there. Even today, we keep coming back to each other's occasions with the same happiness.

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