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Low-cost AC coaches will be available, a new class will be added called 'AC-3 Tier Economy'

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The new coach has 83 seats while the current third AC coach has 72 seats
The fare will be between third AC and non-AC sleeper class

Indian Railways has developed a new third AC coach. This coach is equipped with many modern facilities. Seat capacity has been increased in the new coach. The new coach has 83 seats while the current third AC coach has 72 seats. The new coaches will be known as three tier economy class.

There will be AC ​​vents on
each seat. AC vents are provided for each seat i.e. berth so that every passenger can enjoy the cool air while traveling. Currently the coach has only an AC vent at the top. Easy stairs to climb the middle and upper berths are also provided. LED lighting is provided for night or low light.

The fare of
3 tier economy class will be cheaper than 3 AC economy class or traveling in a new coach of 3 tier economy class or 3 AC economy class will not be expensive for the passenger. Its fare will be between third AC and non AC sleeper class. That means you have to pay less than the third AC for it.

Third AC Economy Class will have 83 berths The
main difference between the two coaches is that Third AC currently has 72 berths while Third AC Economy Class will have 83 berths. That means it will have 11 more berths. Third AC fares will be higher than before and Third AC Economy will be a new class. The third AC economy class will have a few more seats in the Third AC coaches.

There will be many features in the toilet. The
toilet design will be improved in the new coach. It has been made paralyzed friendly. The toilet gate in the new coach has been made wider than before, so that the wheelchair can go inside easily. Apart from this, a foot operated system will also be attached for pouring water in the toilet.

Passenger information display facility will
also be available to the passengers. This display will show the information including the speed of the next station and the train. The coaches are equipped with modern fire safety systems to deal with emergencies, especially fires.

New coaches being made in Kapurthala
These new coaches are being made in the railway coach factory of Kapurthala in Punjab. The new AC three tier coaches will be fitted in mail and express vehicles. 248 such coaches are being prepared in Kapurthala this financial year.

The current AC 3 Class Coach The
existing train has three classes of First AC, Second AC and Third AC available in the AC coach, but now a fourth coach will also be added under the name of 3 Tier AC Economy Class.

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