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Made bogus GST bill of Rs 541 crore, got fake input tax credit of Rs 82 crore

46 fake company rents explode:

Goods and Services Tax (GST) officials have made a major revelation about an incident of tax evasion. In Delhi, one person was running 46 dummy companies. At the time, he had created a fake input tax credit of over Rs 82 crore. For this, a fake bill of Rs 541.13 crore was made.

21 arrested for tax evasion The
Finance Ministry has said that Delhi Zone has caught tax evasion of Rs 3,791 crore under GST in the last three years. 21 people have been arrested in such cases. Several arrests have been made during the time that GST officials have been conducting operations in the last one year. Incidents of massive tax evasion have come to light in such incidents. This figure may still rise in the near future.


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According to the ministry, the black business was run by introducing fake bills through the network in Delhi. So far, an input tax credit (ITC) of Rs 82.23 crore has been obtained. The Finance Ministry says that while analyzing the data, GST officials in East Delhi have succeeded in identifying the network of these 46 bogus companies.

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These companies have been running since 2017. Many people were given the benefit of fake ITC through fake bills. These people have been identified.

Two persons are involved in the business, the
ministry said, adding that investigations have revealed that these companies and their black network include Arvind Kumar and his associates. His control was also in their hands.

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Fake bills worth Rs 541 crore were prepared Fake bills worth
about Rs 541.13 crore have been issued. Fake ITC of Rs 82.23 crore has been recovered. It is worth mentioning here that by fixing the IT system, digitizing all the operations and running campaigns under it, GST collection has increased.

For the fourth month in a row, GST collection has crossed Rs 1 lakh. It was Rs 1.20 lakh crore in January. 1.15 lakh crore in December. However, there is other information that there are 42246 vacancies in the GST and customs department across the country.

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