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On 10th and 11th February Capricorn will have 6 planets including Saturn-Sun, many people's troubles will increase, worship of adorable God is the best remedy

Planetary Yoga: 

Mauni Amas will be celebrated on 11th and Kumbh Sankranti on 12th, pour water on Shivling on this day and donate

Capricorn will have 6 planets together on Wednesday (February 10) and Thursday (February 11) this week. These days the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are all doing great yoga in Capricorn. 6 out of 9 planets will be in the same zodiac together, which can increase the troubles for many people.

The astrologer of Ujjain, Pt. According to Manish Sharma, this is the time for people of the zodiac to be vigilant. Do not be negligent in any work. Be careful while driving. Do not disrespect anyone unknowingly. Speak with understanding and avoid controversy. The adorable God should be worshiped to reduce the ominous effect caused by the yoga of these 6 planets.

In a Shiva temple, pour water from a copper pot over the Shivling. Bilipan, Daturo, figure flower climb. Janoi, also offer rice. Apply sandalwood tilak and have sweets. Pray by lighting the incense-lamp. Chant Om Samba Sadashivaya Namah Mantra at least 108 times.

This week is Mauni Amas on February 11th. Bathe in any holy river on this date. Donate money and grain to those in need after bathing. Feed the cow green grass in a cowshed. If one cannot go to bathe in the river, take a bath by mixing Ganga water in the water of the house and chanting the names of all the tirthas and rivers.

February 12 is Aquarius solstice, so the Sun will enter Aquarius. On this day, wake up early in the morning and water the sun with a copper pot. Chant Om Surya Namah Mantra at least 108 times. Donate jaggery to a temple.

Read in Gujarati news 

Pour milk from the silver lota over the Shivling for the moon and Venus. Worship Ganesha to avoid the ominous effect of Mercury. Ascend to Ganesha. Ladava of chana flour and yellow flower on Shivling for Jupiter. Donate black sesame seeds and oil to avoid the ominous effect of Shanidev.

Gupta Navratri is starting from the 12th. Secret tools are used these days. Worship the mother goddess. Light the incense-lamp.

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