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Swaha ...:Millions of hard notes and gold-silver ornaments to ward off the cold, along with 2 Android phones

This is a mentally handicapped person.

Pieces of 500-500 notes and a sharp weapon were found in the heat

In winter, people take various measures to get rid of cold, but the remedy taken by a mentally handicapped person in Mahoba district of Uttar Pradesh to get rid of cold is surprising to everyone. A mentally handicapped man has set fire to 500-500 notes at an old vegetable market in Kotwali area of ​​Mahoba city to escape the cold. At a time when there is a lot of poverty in areas like Bundelkhand, this kind of incident has become a topic of discussion among these people.

According to nearby sanitation workers, the man burned millions of dollars in cash, two Android phones, gold and silver jewelry and a light weapon in the rubbish heap. People around say that this person is already insane and he keeps moving here and there. Even after this incident, he keeps smiling and says what should I do, if I feel cold, I get rid of the cold by burning what I got.

500 notes burned to heat.

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Police rushed to the spot as soon as they got information about the incident and they have started investigation. Police have launched an investigation into the matter on a number of issues, but the main question is where did this insane man get so much cash and jewelery from. However, the police and the administration are not ready to talk about this strange incident.

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