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The family kept a member who lost his mental state after the 2001 earthquake in Nakhtrana chained for 9 years in an abandoned place.

What if I'm unstable, I'm human too: 

Sachin Singh, who lost his mental state, was chained by his family with his hands and feet.

After 9 years, the unstable person was released from the shackles of the chain
Reunited with family after treatment

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A catastrophic earthquake in Kutch 20 years ago claimed many lives. Even today, many families have not come out of that terrible disaster. Many people lost their mental balance due to this earthquake. One such person is Sachin Singh Vadher from Sukhpur village in Nakhtrana, Kutch, who lost his mental balance in 2001 and has been kept in chains in an abandoned place for the last 9 years. Yesterday some social workers met his family to find out about Sachin Singh and freed him from the chain.

Vadher family lived happily in Sukhpur , Nakhtrana , attacking villagers who had lost their mental state , but a devastating earthquake on January 26, 2001, took away everything from the family. The family became homeless. Family member Sachin Singh could not bear the trauma and his mental condition deteriorated. Mentally disturbed, Sachin Singh used to throw stones at pedestrians and vehicles. It was difficult for the family to handle Sachin Singh. So that even Sachin was not chained. They were not even given any facility to wear clothes.

The family kept Sachin Singh in a vacant place for 9 years.

Been tied in chains avavaru
social leaders about Hemendra janasalie said Nakhtrana mental problems in Kutch district in the past 20 years had been suffering from illness sukhapara village sacinasinha vadher. His family worked hard, but eventually the family, earning a living and earning a living, had to be chained. Sachin Singh did not run away, did not harm or beat anyone in the village, his brother was kept in chains by his family for 9 years and this person was kept in an unoccupied place away from the village.

"I don't know where the key is," said
social activist Hamendra Janshali.  However, when we asked his family about the lock key in the chain, he said, "It's been 9 years, now we don't even remember where the lock key is."

The family had to cut the chain without remembering where the key was.

Did not have a clue katarathi cut the chains
, he said that did not have a clue grinder chains were stripped. He was later bathed and cleaned and is now sheltered in an ashram. His mental condition will be treated shortly and he will be handed over to his family when he recovers after treatment.

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