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This ice volcano is 45 feet high, it turns to ice as soon as the boiling water comes out, it becomes a center of attraction for people

No flames, no icebergs:

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A 45-foot-high ice volcano was found in the Almaty province of Kazakhstan. The volcano is also known as the Ice Volcano. 

Between the villages of Kegan and Sharganak, the snow-covered plains are constantly erupting with boiling water which, as soon as it comes out, turns to ice, increasing its height. And now it has become a 45-foot-high ice volcano.

વિડીયો જોવો  

Even in the bitter cold, people are coming to see this pile, which is 4 km away from Noor Sultana. Such a figure happened last year in Michigan, USA.  But she was as tall as a man. Due to the movement of the earth, its hot water comes out like a fountain.

 But because of the cold here, this water is turning to ice as soon as it comes out. More and more water is leaking out of it as the cold grows. And it is becoming a center of attraction for people.

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