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This special diet is prepared from 75% fruit-vegetables and 25% meat, know what are its benefits?

A new discovery of the Pigan Diet: 

You may have heard of many types of diets, but do you know about the Pigan Diet? This diet is a new way to stay fit, discovered by Dr. Mark Hyam, according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute of America, it can control diseases such as sugar, cholesterol, fat, blood pressure and blood sugar.

What is the Pigan Diet?
The Pigan Diet Plan is a combination of vegan and paleo diet. Paleo diet means meat and fish, and vegan diet means green vegetables. This diet is rich in protein. This diet can be used to control animal fat foods. Dr. According to Hyman, the Pigan Diet includes starchy vegetables, fruits and leafy vegetables. It focuses most on protein. This is effective for many ailments.

What is included in the Pigan Diet?
Dr. For this diet plan, your plate should contain 75% vegetables and 25% meat, says Hyman.

5 Benefits of Pigan Diet
1-Blood Pressure Does Not Problem The
American Health Agency Neurology conducted a study. Accordingly, the Pigan Diet is effective in preventing high blood pressure in children and the elderly.

2- Controlling
cholesterol lowers cholesterol levels in the body. According to experts, the biggest reason for rising cholesterol levels is saturated fat. But the pigeon diet does not include things that contain saturated fat. Relying on the Pigan Diet for a month in a row not only lowers cholesterol levels in the body but also balances it.

It is an effective remedy for diabetic patients who control diabetes. The pigeon diet does not contain sugar, whereas in a normal diet sugar continues to reach the body in some way even after all the precautions. Those with elevated sugar levels should switch to the Pigan Diet immediately. Many studies have shown that it helps control blood sugar.

4- Bones stay strong
Pigan diet is also beneficial for bones. It is rich in calcium and vitamin-D. It also helps reduce the risk of arthritis, inflammation and even bone cancer.

5- A good
pigeon diet for heart does not contain saturated fat and sugar, so blood pressure as well as body sugar level and cholesterol are under control. The health of the heart depends on all these things. The more balanced the amount of saturated fat and sugar in your body, the healthier your heart will be.

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