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Three cousins ​​playing house-to-house in Bhuj, a cliff falls, all three killed, bodies found from slippers

Tragic event:

The cliff fell on three children

After leaving the house in the evening, they did not return and found the bodies of the three
Mourning over the death of three children in Dhrobana village

A tragic incident has taken place in the border area of ​​Bhuj taluka. The rock fell on three cousins ​​who were playing house-to-house while digging a cliff in a dry river near Dhrobana village near Khawda. All three cousins ​​have died after being crushed under a cliff. The cousins ​​who went to play went to find the family who did not come home till late. Slippers were found near the river at that time. Where the bodies of the three children were found beneath the sand dunes. There is an atmosphere of mourning in Dhrobana village over the death of three children from the same village.

The family found the slippers near the sand dune and found the three children

The details of the incident are as follows: Munir, Kalim and Raza, three cousins ​​living in Hussain's barracks near the border village Dhrobana, had gone out to play since yesterday evening. The three cousins ​​were playing by building a mud house on a cliff near the river near the village. Although the children did not come till late evening, the family was worried and the search for the three was on.

The doctor who took her to the hospital declared the three children dead

While searching for the family, the three cousins ​​were found near the Chappal river with a mound of sand nearby. The three children were found investigating in a sand dune. He was rushed to Khawda Government Hospital late at night for treatment. 

Where the doctor on duty declared all three dead. The villagers were in mourning when the incident was reported.

Names of the deceased
1.) Munir Kadar (U.V.13)
2.) Kalim Ullah Bhillal (U.V.16)
3.) Reza Ullah Receipt (U.V.14)

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