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1.50GB of data will be completed in just 10 minutes, the company will say watch the video and understand

Geo's data theft:1.50GB of data will be completed in just 10 minutes, the company will say watch the video and understand

Expiring without using Geo's customer data

Reliance Jio customers are facing the problem of running out of data quickly and without use. Many customers complain that they get 1.50GB of data per day in just 15 minutes. There have been complaints from many such customers in Mumbai.

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A customer named Satish Singh said that his internet has been down since morning. As they turned on the internet, they ran out of 1.50 GB of half data in 10 minutes and 1.5GB of data in 15 minutes. While no work was done on the internet during this time. Other users also said the same thing.

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Expired data without having to use the Internet
to other users, the Internet was stopped in for a night. It turned on the net at 12.45 p.m. Within the first 5 minutes, the message came that 50% of the data was complete. Complete data was completed in another 10 minutes. While in the meantime he also had no use of the internet.

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This is not just a complaint from two customers. Bhaskar's experience as a journalist has been similar. As mobile data started at 12 o'clock, 1.50GB of data was completed in 10 minutes. When talking to Customer Care, Customer Care said you will be sent a link and understand how your data was completed after watching the video.

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customer care officer is not properly informed about this matter. When asked for more information about the data with the customer care officer, he said, you can cut the phone call if you want. The answers we had are given. Many such customers in Mumbai are facing this kind of problem. The data is finished as soon as Geo's data is turned on.

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