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6-month-old Masoom was knocked down by his uncle while he was standing with his sister-in-law.

A 6-month-old girl was knocked down in a fight, and the whole case was captured on CCTV
The case reached the police station after a fight broke out in a personal feud

A man standing with an apartment girl in the Ramol area was attacked with a ball by a man who came from behind. The 6-month-old girl was knocked down in the attack, though the assailant continued to attack the other man. The whole incident has been captured on CCTV. Police are currently investigating the incident.

According to

police sources, Krishnanandan Patel, 29, of Vrindavan Sky Line in the city's Vastrapal, lives with his family. He owns a factory called Shed No. 26 Fast Track Industry at Shree Hari Darshan Estate in Vatva GIDC Phase-4. 

Fifteen days ago a meeting was held in his society regarding the maintenance money of the society. They went to this meeting. At that time he and the men of the society asked the treasurer GS Rathore for information about the maintenance money of the society but he did not give a satisfactory answer. So the men of the society at this time unanimously made Krishnanandan the chairman of the society.

The six-month-old niece was playing near her block with Destiny

What you are doing is not right. You attacked saying

something that GS Rathore did not like. On the evening of March 20, GS Rathore called Krishnanandan and said, "What you are doing is not right." Three days ago, Krishnanandan had also written on the board of the society regarding the payment of maintenance arrears of the person. Then on the morning of the 24th, Krishnanandan was playing with his six-month-old niece Destiny near his block and he was talking to a man.

Threatened to kill and hit with a stick

Then this GS Rathore came from behind and hit Krishnanandan with a stick. So that the fate of his niece fell from his hand to the ground below.


 The person with whom Krishnanandan was standing also fell between the two. GS Rathore then said, "Why did you become the chairman?" And later threatened to kill him with a stick. As Krishnanandan was bleeding, he was shifted to LG Hospital for immediate treatment. After informing the police about this, the police has registered a crime and started investigation.

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