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Who's right ?: A new turn in Zomato Punch, Delivery Boy said- the woman gave him a spanking, also wound the slipper; His own ring in self-defense struck him

Who's right ?: A new turn in Zomato Punch, Delivery Boy said- the woman gave him a spanking, also wound the slipper; His own ring in self-defense struck him

Hitesh Chandra in Bengaluru who was asked to attack Zomato's delivery boy by posting a video on social media

Zomato's delivery boy was arrested late Wednesday evening
Hitesh Chandra in Bengaluru who posted a video on social media about the attack on Zomato's delivery boy. Zomato's delivery boy was arrested late Wednesday evening. The accused has been identified as Kamaraj. The Zomato company has suspended Kamaraj following the incident.

Kamaraj, who is in police custody, denied Hitesh's allegations when asked to do so by a news portal TNM and Hitesh had earlier insulted him and slapped him. 

"I not only punched him, but his hand went to his nose," Kamaraj said. In this regard, the senior police also said that according to the opinion of the accused, Hitesh may have been beaten during the self-defense. The police are investigating who is the real culprit in this incident.

Accused Kamaraj defended himself
"When I reached the door of his apartment, I gave him food as per his order," accused Kamaraj told the news portal. After that I hoped he would give me the money and release me. (Hitesh chose to pay at the time of delivery) '

Kamaraj further said, 'I was late due to traffic and bad roads, so I also apologized to Madam, but she treated me very badly. He yelled at me and asked why I was late. I then apologized to him in reply and said that some roads were blocked as work was going on and the traffic was also heavy, but he did not listen to me and said that the order should be delivered in 45-50 minutes after the order. I have been doing this for the last two years and this is the first time this has happened to me. '

Zomato's delivery boy Kamaraj was arrested late Wednesday evening.
Kamaraj's allegation- took food, but refused to pay
"Customer Hitesha took food from me and refused to pay," Kamaraj added. Madame said she is talking to Zomato Chat Support. Fearing that I would lose the money for the order, I again requested Madam to pay the money, then she enslaved me and started shouting at me again what are you doing here? It was at this time that I was informed by Zomato Support that he had canceled the order, so I asked him to return the food but he did not cooperate. '

'Hitesh's ring hit him on the nose'
Kamaraj said, "After Madam's behavior, I decided that I would go back without taking any food and I went to the elevator." Then he started calling me insults in Hindi. Suddenly he threw a slipper at me and started hitting me. Then I used my hand to defend myself.

It was at this point that while she was pushing my hand she accidentally hit her own ring on her nose and started bleeding. Anyone who looks at his face will understand that this is not due to a punch and I do not wear a ring. Hitesh is seen wearing a ring in her Instagram video.

No Lunch Punch: Angry over the cancellation of the order given to Zomato, the delivery boy punched the woman in the face and broke my nose; Will have surgery

The victim woman.

Zomato apologized and promised all necessary assistance

Nowadays people are also relying on online food delivery for food and drink due to their busy schedule. Many online food delivery applications are now popular. One such incident recently happened to a working woman in Bengaluru. He placed an order through the online food delivery app Zomato and then what happened to him was very surprising.

In fact, the woman canceled her order because the food delivery was late. Shortly after that, the delivery boy arrived home with a meal, but when the woman refused to take delivery, the delivery boy became so angry that he punched the woman in the face. The woman's nose began to bleed. The woman had to be hospitalized due to a broken nasal bone and had to undergo surgery.

The victim made a video and informed everyone about the incident and soon the video went viral. The woman mentioned the whole incident in the video. The woman said she ordered food through Zomato. He called the company's customer care due to late order and canceled the order due to untimely arrival of food. The delivery boy arrived at her home just as she was talking to customer care.

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The woman said she refused to take the order from the delivery boy as soon as she opened the door halfway, which made the delivery boy very angry. He started arguing with the woman and then he broke into the house and stopped eating. When the woman objected to breaking into the house, the delivery boy got angry at her and asked if she was his servant, saying that the delivery boy punched the woman in the mouth.

The woman said, "Then the delivery boy ran away and no one helped me." I was very scared by this incident. Then I went to the hospital and I got my treatment. My current condition is not even like talking. The woman in the video said that the Bengaluru police helped me and assured me to catch the accused quickly. The woman said in the video that she is a social media influencer.

Zomato has also clarified the woman's allegations. "We apologize for the inconvenience," the company said in a statement. The local officer of the company will contact them and any cooperation required in police investigation or medical will be done. Not only that, the company has also assured him that such incidents will not happen again in the future and strict action will be taken against the accused.

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