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Asiatic lions being harassed by locals at Gir

Asiatic lions being harassed by locals at Gir

Today I have brought viral news and its video is also given below. You will find all the information below.

Watch the video

Forest officials have found another scary evidence of rampant illegal lion shows and harassment of ‘Gujarat's Pride’ the Asiatic lion. Video clips found from seven persons, who were arrested from a village of Gir-Somnath district for such illegal activity last month, show how locals harass the lions by throwing bait and relish the feline's desperate attempts to grab it.  

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A video that went viral on Wednesday shows two persons, one of them with a hen in his hand, teasing a lioness standing just a few feet away from him in a farm. These persons are partying in the farm while a village woman is cooking for them.

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Friends, this video is from Gir Jungle of Gujarat and now it is going very viral in social media and for that, this has become news for you. You will also get such news and work news from this website. Share more and more.

In the video, some people are seen harassing the lion and a video has been seen in the video and those people have also been taken action and there is news that he is a resident of a nearby village. What does it mean that the king of Asia is harassing the lion? And the government has taken action.

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