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Beware if you get a message from a bank to redeem a credit point, hackers will steal your money just by clicking on such a fake link

 SBI User Alert: Beware if you get a message from a bank to redeem a credit point, hackers will steal your money just by clicking on such a fake link

Hackers lured money by generating fake website links to prey on users

The link asked for personal details, and the account details were sent to hackers as soon as the form was submitted.

Now you need to be vigilant if you use online banking services. Hackers are making money by preying on users like you. A similar case has happened with SBI customers. "Many of SBI's customers have fallen prey to hacker phishing scams," said Delhi-based cyber firm Think Tank. The hackers sent suspicious messages to the users asking them to redeem the SBI credit point of Rs 9870.

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Personal and sensitive information was requested on the fake page

Hackers were sending a link with SBI users text message. This was a phishing link. Clicking on this link opens a fake page called 'State Bank of India Fill Your Details'.

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On this page users have to fill in the details including his name, mobile number, email id and password as well as date of birth. Apart from this, details including card number, expiry date, CVV number were also being sought on the page. Users are tempted by money and re-submit all these details without thinking, so they see a thank you page which makes the user not even realize that this is the magic of hackers. There is no official site of the bank.

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Registration was done through a third party

According to a joint investigation by the New Delhi-based think tank Cyberpeace Foundation and Autobot Infosafe Pvt Ltd, the website was collecting data without any verification. The registration was done through a third party instead of a registered officer of SBI. So the whole process became questionable.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

દિવ્યભસ્કર ન્યૂઝ 

The bank does not contact via SMS or email

No bank communicates with customers via SMS or email with a link to the user's account. No bank uses WordPress like CMS technology on its official website for security reasons.

Here's how to identify a fake website

The report revealed that the domain name source of the fake website is in India and has connections with Tamil Nadu. The source code revealed that the scam was exposed due to several flaws in it. The mobile number field on the fake website, for example, only expected numerical value and did not take any text input. Apart from this the email password field showed the characters in plain text instead of hiding them. The card number field, which is limited to 16 digits, was accepting more digits than 16 digits. The foundation said all of these flaws confirm the website is fake.

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