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Chaos erupts in apartment fire in Sagarampura, Surat, people rescued from window to another flat to save lives

Chaos erupts in apartment fire in Sagarampura, Surat, people rescued from window to another flat to save lives

Following the fire, people rushed out of their flats dangerously through windows.

Fear spread among the people as the smoke went up after a fire broke out in the meter box of the apartment

The apartment in Sagarampura area of ​​Surat suddenly caught fire. The apartment on the right, in the alley of Ramez's apartment, caught fire. The smoke from the fire in the meter box rose to a high level, creating an atmosphere of chaos in the surrounding area with the occupants of the apartment. People who came up to the smoke from the meterbox chose to risk their lives by leaning against the apartment window to save their lives. The video of him going to another flat through the window was captured on camera.

ગુજરાતી માં ન્યૂઝ વાંચો 

ન્યૂઝ નો વિડીયો પણ જોવો 

Ekmak was caught and sent to another flat through a window.

People risked their lives
The meter box in the apartment in the alley of Ramiz's apartment caught fire, creating an atmosphere of fear among the residents of the apartment as smoke billowed upwards. So that people risked their lives to save lives. At the risk of their lives, people jumped out of the window and went to another flat.

Fire brigade vehicles reached the spot and put out the fire.

The fire brigade contained the fire
By the time the fire brigade arrived, people had moved to other flats at the risk of their lives. They were later taken down by fire brigade vehicles. At the same time, the fire brigade managed to control the fire by running a water cannon, so that the people breathed a sigh of relief.

People who came to the second floor were taken down the stairs.
The mill caught fire last night
In Surat, a huge fire broke out at Pandesara GIDC's Prerna Mill in Surat at night. However the vigilant citizen immediately informed the police including fire and 108. All the three wing personnel immediately rushed to the spot. One employee jumped from the third floor to save his life and was rushed to hospital for treatment, while another was injured. Firefighters have started trying to douse the blaze with water.

The smoke went up, though the people who were trying to control the fire were screaming.

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