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Crying also has many benefits for the body - you will be amazed to know


Get speak! Crying also has many benefits for the body - you will be amazed to know

Today we have come up with a piece of information for you, which you will be very surprised to know. You may even wonder how this is possible! Usually, when a person cries he is considered weak. This is the reason why men do not like to cry but should cry sometimes. credit link 

It has been proven in science that expressing one's feelings openly or even laughing and crying bring some benefits to the body. Just as laughing openly exercises the lungs and relaxes the muscles, crying also has some benefits.

There are 3 types of tears:

Reflex tears come when there is rubbish or smoke in the eye. Basal tears contain approximately 98% water as well as lubricate the eyes and protect against infection. Emotional tears are high in stress hormones and toxins. Humans are the only species that can cry.

Relaxation experience:

If you cry when your mind is very heavy, you feel relieved. According to the research done in the year 2014, if you are annoyed by something and nothing is feeling good, then crying will feel very good. After crying you are able to make the right decision.

Pain relief:

When you cry, oxytocin and endorphin chemicals are released in the body, which makes your mood better. In addition to this, it also reduces physical and mental pain.

Feel Good Chemical releases:

Whenever you cry, the body releases chemicals like oxytocin and endorphins. This feel is a good chemical, the release of which makes you feel relaxed and mood swings in no time.

Excretes toxins from the body:

When a person cries due to stress, the toxins in his body are slowly released in the form of tears. These tears release some good hormones which are very good for physical and mental health.

Sleep is very good:

A 2015 study found that when a baby cries, it gets a good night's sleep. This also happens with older men. Crying calms the brain as well as reduces restlessness which makes sleep much better.

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